A tomahawk axe is an excellent tool for day-to-day with numerous applications. The axe has an incredible history as the weapon has been used for years. Initially, the axe was used for combat, but gradually, its usage has grown to become versatile. The tool is a constant companion outdoors for its utility in self-defence, warfare, camping, excavation etc. It serves well for clearing bushes or climbing mountains for hunters and expedition seekers.

Two popular types of tomahawk axes 

Over the years, the design and utility of the axes have gradually changed. Here are the two types of popular tomahawk axes:

  • The tactical tomahawk axe is handcrafted for tactical purposes. These axes are designed, styled, and configured for building camps, scaling mountains and numerous outdoor activities.
  • The throwing tomahawk axes are also quite popular as these are used in throwing games and are majorly used from a sports perspective.

Use of tomahawk axes in everyday life 

The tomahawk axe is a single-handed axe that looks similar to a hatchet but has a straight shaft. Nowadays, it is widely used in camping and related outdoor activities. Here are some of the uses of the axes:

Camping and outdoor activities

The Tomahawk axe is a must when you go camping in the wilderness. It is perfect as it helps chop wood and performs many tasks effortlessly. The tool helps in self-defense and enhances survival when outdoors. It helps in numerous survival situations like:

  • The Tomahawk axe is perfect for cutting wood and hence a perfect way to start a fire. It gives you firewood ready for a fire in the mountains or jungles. The axe has a strong grip, so it does not slip from the hands.
  • The axe is strong enough to help with snow or ice cutting. It is used as a digging tool for removing snow and helps climb through the ice.
  • Predators are lurking in the wild, and the axe is what you need to protect yourself from them. Whether a snake or a poisonous reptile, steer it clear with the axe.
  • Building makeshift shelters becomes essential at times for survival. The axe helps in cutting raw materials necessary for building the shelter.
  • You will be surprised to know that the axe is also used as a first aid tool. It helps create splints out of wood for broken bones creating maximum support.

For hunting 

If you love a game drive, the tomahawk axe is just what you need. It has been used for years as a hunting tool designed for throwing. As you go hunting, the axes can be used to hunt an animal from afar. Once the animal is dead, use the axe to cut down the pieces or dress it. When you are stuck in the wild, you have no option but to survive; this axe is all you need to make it happen.

Playing or enjoying a throwing game

A throwing game using a tomahawk axe is something fun to do with your friends. Tomahawk is one of the basics used in throwing sports. The axes are designed to fly through the air smoothly and gently hit the target like a tree. As the axes are lightweight, swift in movement, and durable, they are perfect for throwing competition. The handle of the axe provides a strong grip on the tool.

Summing up

Tomahawk axes and their use have changed over time, but their basic utility remains the same. Its exquisite design, durability, and sharp blade make it an outdoor essential. Whether for chopping firewood, keeping away predators or survival, the axe is an excellent companion in the wilderness.

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Last Update: October 1, 2022