It’s not uncommon to hear a certain hospital or blood donation organization asking volunteers to help save lives through blood donations. What most people do not know is not every blood can help save patients regardless of their goodwill. We have varying blood types, with each having its requirements for compatibility. Here are some little-known facts about blood group AB+.

1. It is the Rarest Blood Group

Blood group AB is the rarest world. To put this into perspective, the Red Cross blood donation wing reports that less than 4% of people in the United States have AB+ blood. This means in a group of 100 people, you are likely to (averagely) come across just 1 person with blood type AB+.

2. People with Blood Group AB+ Are Universal Recipients

In an emergency, say an accident that leads to massive blood loss, a patient with blood group AB+ can accept blood from any other person with the same or different blood type. Scientists categorize people with blood group AB+ as universal recipients.

On the other hand, people with blood type AB+ can only donate to their counterparts with the same blood group. Understandably, there is less demand for this blood type in recognized blood banks.

3. Only Men with Blood Type AB+ Can Donate Blood

Hospitals and blood banks usually prefer donations from male donors. Looking at the statement as is, you might wonder; why the “discrimination.” Well, it’s not – scientists have noted that most females with blood type AB+ usually develop antibodies that can be rejected by other patients.

When a woman gets pregnant, she might produce antibodies that may not necessarily harm her. However, if she donates blood, the recipient might reject it, leading to agglutination and possibly death. While this is not always true, women are not advised to donate blood for safety.

4. Avoid Bananas If You Are Blood Group AB+

Even though there are no clear scientific findings as to whether bananas are not suitable for people with blood type AB+, it is hard to ignore the amount of phytic acid and lectin content in these fruits. Many plant foods, including bananas, have considerable levels of phytic acid.

Phytic acid and lectins are believed to limit some minerals’ digestion process and absorption. For people with blood type AB+, food with lectins can cause severe gut inflammation. Other foods you may want to avoid include mangoes, black tea, buckwheat, alcohol, and coconut.

On the flip side, grapes, kiwi fruits, watermelon, pineapple, cherries, and cranberries are perfect for someone with blood type AB+.

5. People With Blood Group AB Are More Susceptible to Memory Loss

The University Of Vermont College Of Medicine, recently conducted a study with shocking results. According to the study, people with blood type AB were more prone to developing memory loss than other blood types. The study rated them as 82% more vulnerable.

People with blood type AB have more clotting protein that may cause coagulation. Rather than form clots where there are wounds, these proteins can limit the quality of blood that flows to the brain. In mild cases, this may result in memory loss. In aggravated cases, these proteins might cause stroke or heart attack.

6. It is Hard to Tell the True Personality of a Person with Blood Type AB+

In some Asian countries, people associate personalities with blood types. If you thought finding someone with blood type AB+ is hard, good luck finding their personalities. While they can be emphatic, these individuals usually find it hard to tell others about what they are going through.

They can have many friends, but they would appreciate being alone. Simply put, they don’t have a problem living a bit of both worlds.

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Last Update: June 29, 2023