All actors yearn for crucial roles in films. However, only a few have been lucky enough to play the role of God. Being a mirror to society, movies and TV shows have always felt the urge to portray religion from various perspectives. On film, actors who play God are tasked with a serious purpose or a comedic point of view. Here are some characters who played God really well, and their performances have been accepted by a wider audience.

1. Morgan Freeman

After watching Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty, many fans praised Morgan Freeman for his exemplary performance as God. Dressed in a white suit and using his unique voice, Morgan Freeman perfectly played this role. Even as he guides Steve Carell and Jim Carrey throughout their journeys, he is depicted as an authoritative and wise figure. According to the legendary actor, he always felt he would land such a role during his career.

2. Whoopi Goldberg

After Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg is the next best performer to play God. Like Morgan, she did it twice. First, in, It’s A Very Muppet Christmas Movie, where Whoopi is the boss to Angel Daniel, who has been tasked with assisting Kermit.

Secondly, she plays this role in A Little Bit of Heaven, where Marley Corbett comes to heaven, and God, Whoopi Goldberg, gives her three wishes. She teaches Marley how to live out her final days the second time. Whoopi’s first role as God was more comedic, but it became more serious in the 2011 romantic drama.

3. Rob Benedict

Rob is famous for playing God, aka Chuck Shurley, in the Supernatural franchise. Initially, the legendary actor plays the role of a writer of Supernatural comics, but because he is God, whatever he writes comes to happen. Later on, Sam and Dean Winchester realize that Chuck is just an alter ego.

In Supernatural, Rob Benedict plays a God who is witty and yet vengeful. As the show continues, he becomes an antagonist to Sam and Dean, who fight for free will. In an interview with Mary Sue in 2019, Rob explains how much fun he had playing this character on Supernatural. He always thought people would hate him for it, but his fan base has increased drastically.

4. Denis Haysbert

After hearing Lucifer whine for ages about how unfair his dad is, fans finally get to see him in the second half of the fifth season. Played by Denis Haysbert, God in Lucifer appears calm, composed, and generally happy.

Denis Haysbert aces the mysterious aspect of God by not giving any conclusive answers. He also adequately balanced the humor and seriousness of his character. However, some critics have alleged that the writers and producers wanted to emulate the Morgan Freeman God character from Bruce Almighty.

5. Steve Buscemi

Miracle Workers is one of the films that takes a more comedic approach to portraying God on TV. It’s set at Heaven Inc., where instead of pillowy clouds and rivers filled with honey, there are corporate offices with departments. While it’s true that Daniel Radcliffe attracted most people to this TV show, Steve Buscemi gets the most attention for playing God. Steve appears in a long gray wig and has no idea what he is doing, so he plans to end Earth.

6. Alanis Morisette

The movie Dogma, released in 1999, had its fair share of controversy. It was believed that the film was attacking the Catholic Church, which significantly affected its distribution. However, controversy aside, fans were astounded when Alanis Morisette, a famous singer during that era, played God. Her part was brief, and she didn’t have any lines. However, being a renowned singer, she wowed many people. Initially, Alanis was to play the leading role, but that didn’t materialize as she had a hectic schedule.

7. Jordie Turner Smith

At the beginning of Sex Education Season 4, Jordie Turner Smith is introduced as a mysterious woman who helps Eric embrace his identity and religion. Later, fans learn that Jordie is God and has been guiding Eric towards the light. Even though Jordie received a lot of criticism for playing Anne Boleyn, many people loved her role as God in sex education. She has the skills and the voice.

8. Octavia Spencer

In the movie The Shack, Mack gets a letter to meet God at the place where his daughter may have been murdered. There, Mack meets Octavia Spencer, who plays the role of God. One of the reasons Octavia Spencer is on this list is because of the excellent script of this movie. Also, Octavia was dedicated to playing this role because she grew up as a Southern Baptist and always assumed that God was a man. However, God can take any shape or form, including that of an African-American woman.

9. Isaac Andrews

The producers of Gods and Kings shocked the world when they chose an 11-year-old, Isaac Andrews, to play God. In this movie, the young Isaac Andrews speaks to Moses, who is played by Christian Bale. According to the producer Ridley Scott, no sacred text gives a clear definition of God. Therefore, filmmakers have the freedom to choose their own visual depictions.

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