Here are 13 Interesting Adidas facts.

1-5 Adidas Facts

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1. Adidas bought the rights to the famous “three stripes” trademark from a Finnish company in the 1950’s. They paid 1600€ and 2 bottles of Whiskey. – Source

2. Adidas was founded by a former member of the Nazi party, Adolf Dassler, Adi was a nickname and das was the first 3 letters of his last name. – Source

3. Adidas, a German company, gave Jesse Owens free shoes to run in at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. – Source

4. Adidas will cancel any sponsorship deal they have with a player if it turns out he has anything to do with Scientology. – Source

5. Reebok belongs to Adidas since 2005. – Source

6-10 Adidas Facts

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6. The iconic black and white pattern of Soccer balls is originally based on the look of a satellite, the Telstar. – Source

7. During the end of WWII, an Adidas shoe factory was used to produce the “Panzerschreck” anti-tank weapon. – Source

8. After being fined by NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle for wearing an Adidas headband because they were not an NFL sponsor, Jim McMahon wore a headband the following week with “Rozelle” written on it. – Source

9. David Beckham has a lifetime endorsement agreement with Adidas worth $160.8 million. – Source

10. Liverpool FC had a deal with Adidas to dress players in the final of the FA Cup in 1966 with Adidas gear. However, some were signed with Gola, and they painted the Adidas three-stripes on with a marker. – Source

11-13 Adidas Facts

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11. The Adidas Brazuca was the original 2014 World Cup’s ball, it was produced in Pakistan. – Source

12. Adidas made Star Wars themed shoes. – Source

13. Michael Jordan wanted to sign with Adidas, not Nike but Adidas thought MJ wasn’t worth anything so they passed. – Source

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