Here are some survival tips everyone should know.

1-5 Simple Survival Tips


1. These essential Survival Skills and Tools. More Camping tipsMore camping tips about water and fire.

2. Learn to stay calm. People do really stupid things when they panic.

3. The absolute best survival technique in any situation is to keep yourself as healthy as possible before an emergency happens. You’re not outrunning zombies if you’re pushing 3 bills. If you’ve got COPD, type-2 diabetes, or jacked-up blood pressure, you’re immediately at a disadvantage once the poles reverse, electricity stops working, and the dead start climbing out of their graves.

4. How to swim

5. If a hurricane or apocalypse or whatever is happening, fill your bath tub with water immediately. This may become valuable drinking water if water gets shut off for whatever reason. You’re supposed to bleach it and scrub the tub out first.

6-10 Simple Survival Tips

Forest Stream

6. If you’re in the wilderness and lost: Try to find a stream, or any running water. Follow it downstream. Eventually it will almost assuredly lead you to a town or a neighborhood, since humanity has been strategically building settlements along water for eons. It’s just a stable source of energy, food, and, well, water. It will guide you to people.

7. How to prepare simple, savory meals without the use of modern conveniences.

8. Your dominant leg is slightly stronger than your non dominant. Therefore, when walking long distances you’ll eventually end up walking in a circle. Every 200 steps, pick a new target in the distance and walk towards it instead of trying to walk in a straight line.

9. The sun rises from the East and sets in the West

10. When entering a building, know where the exits are. It’s super simple and could save your life.

11-15 Simple Survival Tips

Riot Police

11. No matter how peaceful your protest is, riot police is NOT. EVER. In any country.

12. Carry the following items in your car: Water, Non-perishable food, A flashlight, A first-aid kit, Jumper cables, A space blanket, A cell phone charger, A jerry can.

13. You should know how to properly and safely operate and clear a firearm. It doesn’t matter what your personal or political beliefs on them are.

14. If you inexplicably catch fire, stop, drop, wrap up in something (if you can) and roll.

15. If you get stabbed, LEAVE THE KNIFE IN. It is plugging up whatever it just cut open.

16-20 Simple Survival Tips

Plane Crash

16. If you happen to survive a plane crash, stay with the plane. It’s a lot easier to find wreckage and debris from a 14ton aircraft, than the body of a 180lbs human.

17. If you ever find yourself lost in the middle of the desert, only travel at night and head the opposite direction of the suns path.

18. You can survive longer without food than you can without water.

19. Scrape bee stingers out, don’t pull them out, squeezing the stinger releases more venom.

20. Skin to skin contact under a blanket is the best way to warm up.

21-25 Simple Survival Tips


21. Act crazier than that crazy guy who’s approaching you with a knife whose intent is to harm you. Then proceed to run like hell.

22. When avoiding gunman fire, always run in a Zig-Zag pattern to the nearest cover. : Randomize your zigs and zags, like two left one right, then left and two rights.

23. Step into a punch when in a fistfight, it will give the punch less time to accelerate. I mean close the distance between you and the attacker. Don’t literally headbutt their fist. Just don’t give them space to fully extend.

24. If your car is heading towards water, immediately open the windows BEFORE you hit the water. If a car is stuck on the edge of a cliff, let the passengers in the front seat get out first before the passengers in the back seat.

25. If someone is being electrocuted and cannot let go of the dangerous object, use a wooden object to displace them.

26-32 Simple Survival Tips


26. When traveling through bear country, make a lot of noise while you walk. Bears don’t like being sneaked up on.

27. Most shark attacks occur at dawn or dusk. If attacked go for the eyes or gills.

28. A coiled snake will attack one half of its body length.

29. Never feed an alligator.

30. The emergency radio frequency for an airplane is 121.5. Tune to this if you need to land a plane. Look for a manual.

31. Never swim in shark infested waters if you or someone you are with is on their period. Seriously.

32. Don’t forget to poop. You’ll be running around, not drinking as much, and too nervous to take a dump. You’ll get constipated, which can lead to poisoning.

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