People have often speculated about the existence of aliens, with rumors about UFOs and extraterrestrial sightings from around the world taking center stage. Some have gone on to claim that specific governments have already made contact with aliens, all of which are based on hearsay and no tangible evidence. However, assuming the extraterrestrial beings exist and all that we have heard about them is true, then the question would be, is the world ready for an alien invasion?

What Are The Odds of an Alien Invasion?

Before we go much deeper into Earth’s readiness for an alien invasion, let’s first assess the odds of such an event happening. Earth is part of the Milky Way galaxy, which has between 100 and 400 billion stars, about 6 billion of which are just like Earth. Additionally, there are about 2 trillion galaxies in the universe.

With so many stars and galaxies out there, it’s impossible to mathematically derive a probability of the existence of aliens or for them to specifically choose to invade Earth. If anything, the presence of many galaxies and stars is part of why scientists can’t certainly tell whether aliens exist. The extraterrestrial beings would have to attack Earth first if we were to have a breakthrough on this front.

How Long Would it Take for Aliens to Reach Earth?

Since this has never happened (at least not that we certainly know), let’s briefly speak hypothetically. Assuming aliens have chosen Earth of all the objects in the universe to attack, how long would it take them to reach here from wherever they are?

Well, Apollo 11 took 4 days, 6 hours, and 45 minutes to reach the moon. The spacecraft he was traveling in moved at 24,000 miles per hour. If there is alien life, it’s probably several light years away. This means it would take forever for them to visit this tiny planet. Again, this would depend on the narrative about aliens having more advanced technology than humans.

What Are Governments Doing to Prepare for an Alien Invasion?

Despite not knowing whether aliens exist or whether they would be interested in invading Earth, some governments worldwide have taken several measures to prepare for their visit over time. For instance, in 1985, during the Geneva Summit, Russia and the United States of America agreed to put their differences aside and work on a joint alien invasion task force.

The fact that the two governments agreed to hold their interests and unite for a common course shows they either strongly believed aliens existed or were simply saying they would never call a truce.

Interestingly, in 2013, the head of the Russian Aerospace Defense Force, Sergey Berezhnoy, admitted that the country was not ready for an alien invasion. He claimed that Earth already had many problems within and near it. Therefore, the organization was only committed to handling these issues first.

That said, if Earth were to be invaded by aliens, Russia and the United States would be among the few countries that would have the weapons and resources to counter the attack. With the help of nuclear technology, the sworn enemies would have better odds of survival against the extraterrestrial beings. Other countries with nuclear weapons, like France, China, Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel, would also have a shot. Sorry, we digressed.

Moving on to the United Kingdom, the British are also unprepared for an alien invasion. If anything, the country’s Ministry of Defense closed its UFO desk in 2009, and all files containing investigations of UFOs were handed over to the National Archives.

How the World Would Handle an Alien Invasion According to Popular Films

Over time, screenwriters and film producers have given us a sneak peek of what would happen in the event of an alien invasion. Popular movies like Independence Day and Alien Invasion portray strange creatures with long limbs and advanced technology who reign terror on Earth with the aim of colonizing it. If what is depicted in those films is anything to go by, Earth doesn’t stand a chance of an alien invasion.

Why It Is Difficult for Earth to Prepare for an Alien Attack

One of the major factors affecting Earth’s readiness for an alien invasion is whether we’ll deal with biological beings or artificial intelligence. If it’s a biological life form, the most significant cause of anxiety would be – what do they want from us?

In the event aliens come in the form of artificial intelligence, the situation will even be more complex because machines do not listen to reason. Therefore, there won’t be room for negotiations or dialogue.

Tin foil hats won’t cut it. The ugly truth is that the world is unprepared for an alien invasion. Unfortunately, the more we explore the universe and penetrate the cosmos, the higher the chances of reaching alien civilizations. No one knows whether they will be friendly or violent. According to Douglas Vakoch, head of Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI), it’s already too late to worry about an alien invasion.

What to Do If Aliens Attack

In case of an ambush by aliens, Travis Taylor and Bob Boan, who have consulted for NASA and the Defense Department have a plan. They claim that humankind will have to engage in hit-and-run tactics. Speaking to Reuters, Taylor and Boan alleged that the best approach would be similar to the ones used by the Mujahideen when fighting against the US troops. From their line of thinking, this would be the best defense because it would give humankind an opportunity to learn about alien technology, weaponry, and fighting techniques.

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