Here are 40 interesting American Revolution facts.

1-5 American Revolution Facts

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1. Founding father and propagandist of the American Revolution Thomas Paine wrote a book called ‘The Age of Reason” arguing against Christianity. He went from a revolutionary hero to reviled, 6 people attended his funeral and 100 years later Teddy Roosevelt called him a “filthy little atheist”. – Source

2. During the American Revolution, many untrained American soldiers used bayonets to cook meat over fires rather than using them for close combat. After receiving bayonet combat training from a Prussian general, the American Army was able to win an entire battle without firing a shot. – Source

3. The British tried to surrender to the French at the end of the American Revolution. French General Rochambeau refused British Brigadier General O’Hara’s sword and instead pointed him towards George Washington to offer surrender. – Source

4. A teenage colonist girl was captured in 1755 by the Shawnee, given to the Seneca, fully assimilated into their culture, helped supply the Mohawks against the rebels in the American Revolution, helped negotiate for the Seneca after their defeat, and lived to the age of 90 with the Seneca Nation. – Source

5. George Washington and Samuel Adams, both considered to be leaders of the American Revolution, refused to join a political party because they believed the idea would divide Congress. They’re instead only identified as Whigs, a common name for those supporting independence. – Source

6-10 American Revolution Facts

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6. The French lost more men in battle during the American Revolution than the Americans did. – Source

7. After the American Revolution from the British, in 1777, Morocco was the first country to recognize the United States of America. – Source

8. Andrew Jackson participated in the American Revolution informally at age 13 as a courier, survived being captured by the British, and was the only member of his family to survive the revolution, becoming an orphan at age 14. – Source

9. Due to generations of a healthier diet, the average American soldier was several inches taller than the average British soldier at the time of the American Revolution. – Source

10. Lord Cornwallis, the general famous for leading the British Army during the American Revolution became Governor-General of India after the war and is buried there in a tomb overlooking the Ganges River. – Source

11-15 American Revolution Facts

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11. The earliest-born person to be photographed was Conrad Heyer. Born in 1749, he crossed the Delaware River with George Washington during the American Revolution. – Source

12. Approximately 90% of all gunpowder used by the Patriots during the American Revolution was supplied by France. – Source

13. The American Revolution almost began in Salem, but the British were foiled by a drawbridge. – Source

14. Until the American Revolution, calling someone a patriot was considered to be an insult. – Source

15. A group of men fought in the American Revolution and lived to see the Civil War end. – Source

16-20 American Revolution Facts

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16. Financial Hero, Businessman and broker Haym Solomon was responsible for raising most of the money needed to finance the American Revolution and later to save the new nation from collapse. – Source

17. Today’s British accent first appeared among London’s upper class around the time of the American Revolution. Before that, the British accent was similar to that of Americans. – Source

18. During the American Revolution “Columbia” was used to describe all of America, like we say, “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, ‘Murica!” That’s why the capital is called Washington, District of Columbia. – Source

19. Although Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” outsold any other book of its time, he didn’t make any profit, instead of donating the sales to buy mittens for the troops in the American Revolution. – Source

20. Only 1/3 of the people in America really supported the American Revolution in 1776. – Source

21-25 American Revolution Facts

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21. James Otis, a patriot of the American Revolution, told his sister that he hoped when he died he went out like a flash of lightning. He died in 1783 from being struck by lightning. – Source

22. The deadliest Atlantic hurricane in history occurred right in the middle of the American Revolution, killing over 22,000 and causing heavy losses to both British and French fleets. – Source

23. Soon after the American revolution, the leader of the Continental Congress asked the Prince of Prussia to become King of the United States. – Source

24. At the time of the American Revolution, American colonists had the highest standard of living in the world. – Source

25. During the American Revolution at the Battle of Brandywine, British rifleman Patrick Ferguson chose not to shoot a distinguished American officer he had in his sights since his back was turned. It was George Washington. – Source

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