40 Interesting Facts About American Revolution

September 27, 2017
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  1. John says:

    The most successful act of propaganda is the usa national anthem. No matter how badly your rights are f**ked, no matter how many houses are seized for “essential purposes” and no matter how many people are shot by police for no f**king reason… as long as they play the “LAND OF FREE” in everything from schools to sport events you guy still think that you are free xD

    The pledge of alliance? Started by flag making company to sell more facts… You know what other country viewed their flag as holy as muricans view their flag? Nazi Germany..

    1. you're doing it wrong says:

      one day a girl will touch your peepee. it’s okay to be mad and butthurt. It’s not really okay to be mad about a flag and a cult chant.

      Also, it’s silly to compare anything to the accomplishments of nazi germany. you can thank them for modern medicine and technology, ya know. when you have your zion barcode and goyim tattoo, you’ll cry thinking about how you used to think USA was nazi germany, when the USA is 100% israel’s world police force.


    2. Donna says:

      Why do foreigners all think they know more about America than Americans? Dumbass.

      1. Notin says:

        Im a foreigner.

  2. Jim says:

    The source cited for #6 does not support it; it actually proves it false. Nevertheless, thank you for an excellent list. I learned a lot.

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