26-30 American Revolution Facts

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26. In 1775, the royal governor of Virginia offered slaves freedom if they fought for the British in the American Revolution. After the war, the promise was kept with about 14k slaves being freed. – Source

27. The first shot of the American Revolution was fired into a guy’s crotch. – Source

28. Shortly before the American Revolution plans were made to create a 14th American colony known as Vandalia but the Boston Tea Party and the events that followed prevented the development of Vandalia as a full colony. – Source

29. During the American Revolution, a young Andrew Jackson was ordered by a British officer to clean his boots. When he refused, the officer slashed his sword at him, resulting in cuts on his hand and cheek. This left him with resentment towards all things British until his conversion in 1842. – Source

30. After the American Revolution, 14,000 Loyalists fled to western Nova Scotia. They were treated poorly by the existing population, so Loyalists pressed for the creation of a “Loyalist colony” that would be “the envy of the American states”. The British created New Brunswick for them. – Source

31-35 American Revolution Facts

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31. Peter Francisco (A.K.A. The Virginia Giant) was an American soldier in the American Revolution renowned for his strength and size (he was 6’8″ tall) and once killed 11 men with his 5′ broadsword at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. – Source

32. The Purple Heart is the oldest U.S. military decoration; General George Washington awarded the first purple-colored heart-shaped badges to soldiers who fought in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. – Source

33. A Polish hero, upon hearing about the American Revolution, traveled to the colonies and fought. Also, as part of his last will, he left his earnings and commission to Thomas Jefferson to buy the freedom for black slaves. – Source

34. A statue of George III was pulled down in New England during the American Revolution and subsequently melted into ammunition that was used against the British army. – Source

35. Robert Morris, “Financier of the American Revolution” and signer of Declaration of Independence, went bankrupt speculating on land and spent 3 years in debtors prison. In 1801, Congress bailed him out. – Source

36-40 American Revolution Facts

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36. During the American Revolution, there was a spy ring that operated so covertly that nobody knew about them until 1939. – Source

37. In the American Revolution, Baron von Steuben, a German man who spoke no English, helped train the soldiers for combat. – Source

38. “The great chain” was installed during the American Revolution, across the Hudson River, to keep British ships from taking over New England. – Source

39. We never discovered the real identity of a female spy from the American Revolution who was instrumental in exposing Benedict Arnold and John Andre as traitors. She was believed to have been part of a prominent Loyalist family, but now she is known solely as Agent 355. – Source

40. Around 16.6% of Hesian mercenaries in the American Revolution ended up staying and living in America.- Source

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