Here are 22 Interesting Andre The Giant facts.

1-5 Andre The Giant Facts

1. Andre The Giant always wanted to see a show on Broadway, but never attended one because he was concerned about blocking the view of others. – Source

2. Andre The Giant died in his sleep while in Paris for his father’s funeral. His father passed 12 days before. – Source

3. Andre The Giant once drank 127 beers in a hotel bar, passed out in the lobby, and, because he was so large, no one could move him until he woke up. – Source

4. Out of 14 fights in WrestleMania VI on April 1, 1990, nine involved wrestlers that are no longer alive including Andre The Giant, Macho Man Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect and The Ultimate Warrior. – Source

5. Andre The Giant was the “Greatest Drunk of All Time”. Andre the Giant drank 7,000 calories worth of booze every day. – Source

6-10 Andre The Giant Facts

6. While filming the Princess Bride, Andre The Giant would cover Robin Wright’s head with his hand to keep her warm. His hands were so large that one would entirely cover the top of her head. – Source

7. Andre The giant once drank 119 beers in 6 hours, that’s one every 3 minutes, passed out and when they couldn’t move him they put a piano cover over him and let him sleep it off. – Source

8. Andre The Giant was so big as a child that he couldn’t fit on the school bus, and so was driven to school each day by Waiting for Godot author Samuel Beckett. – Source

9. When Andre The Giant would go to Japan he would sometimes sh*t in bathtubs, or on newspapers because the toilets were too small for him. – Source

10. Andre The Giant ordered 40 vodka tonics at last call because he didn’t want to leave and then proceeded to drink them all. – Source

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11. Andre The Giant’s cremated remains totaled 17 pounds (nearly 8 kg). – Source

12. Andre The Giant’s size made it impossible for the anesthesiologist to measure dosage, so they had to use his alcohol tolerance as a dosage measure instead. – Source

13. Former Olympic medalist and pro wrestler Allen Coage (Bad News Brown) once called out Andre The Giant after hearing him make a racist remark. Andre wanted none of him and later apologized. – Source

14. Andre The Giant played an alien cybernetic Bigfoot on the Six Million Dollar Man. – Source

15. Mandy Patinkin slapped Andre The Giant in the face on the set of “The Princess Bride” and therefore apparently has balls of steel. – Source

16-20 Andre The Giant Facts

16. The Redskins wanted Andre The Giant to try out for a defensive lineman position. – Source

17. Andre The Giant once picked up heavyweight boxer Chuck Wepner (the inspiration for the “Rocky” films) and threw him out of the ring. – Source

18. Gorilla Monsoon is the only person to have boxed Andre The Giant. – Source

19. Andre The Giant played Dagoth in Conan the Destroyer (Fixed). – Source

20. Andre The Giant, Tony Robbins, and Tim Benedict all have/had the same growth hormone disorder. – Source

21-22 Andre The Giant Facts

21. Andre The Giant made a Honeycomb Cereal commercial. – Source

22. Shepard Fairey’s OBEY clothing line developed directly as a result of his “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” street-art campaign. Furthermore, the OBEY Giant is simply a “caricature” of Andre The Giant. – Source

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