October 15, 2015
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  1. reader says:

    No worries, I and I bet all your readers enjoy reading your collaborated posts all the time and am surprised y’all have enough time to post, so enjoy your vacation (Mr. J), take care of your business (Mr. M), and feel better (Mr. A)! I and along with your many readers will still be here when y’all get back!


  2. justtroy says:

    I really like this site and I have assumed that there were more contributors than previously described. Keep up the good work!

    Keep your selves healthy and take care of your commitments.

    If you want to bang out three articles a day, go for it! If it’s one article over the next three days, good for you! You guys/girls earned it. Get healthy, do your sh*t and then get back to werk.

    1. justtroy says:

      … I am serious, though.

  3. Sean says:

    Take a break, you guys are great.

  4. Matt says:

    Godspeed to all. Keep on keeping on.

  5. Luke says:

    love this site, get well soon!

  6. Matthew Helland says:

    Get some rest, people like you deserve it. I love your site and I hope you all enjoy writing for it!

  7. Cody says:

    No worries! Take a well-earned break. All us readers will still be here when you get back! And thanks for letting us know! 🙂

  8. Abigail says:

    That’s perfectly okay! Please take care of yourself and get better Mr. A, have a safe trip Mr. M, and have a wonderful vacation Mr. J!

  9. Kate Mitchell says:

    How about getting some female contributors?

    1. Finn says:

      How about stfu?

      1. Kate Mitchell says:

        Nice comeback. Did your mom teach you that?

    2. Subhanshu says:

      Ok I need a girl friend

  10. Moshood says:

    I’m surprised that this site is updated by just three people. You guys rock. You’re hardworking. I hope Mr A gets well soon.

  11. Rick Blaine says:

    Take your time, guys! Your work for this site is greatly appreciated. Mr. A: get well soon but don’t rush.

  12. sophie says:

    I am a quiet daily reader and greatly appreciate your regular articles. I’m surprised that 3 people can produce such consistently good and regular articles at such a high frequency. Each one of you deserve a break. I’m happy to wait until you recover.
    Get well soon

  13. Adam says:

    Yea guys, you do what ya need too. Your articles are awesome thanks

  14. Soda Jack says:

    No worries. I love the site, and the work that the 3 of you do, it is much appreciated. Best wishes to all 3 of you.

  15. Emperor of Mankind says:

    Thanks for telling us keep up the good work

  16. Nigel says:

    All Your Real Fans Will Still Be Here.
    This Site is Classy. A+ For The Degeneration of Content on The Net These Days.
    Even In It’s Prime, This Would Be Top Echelon Work.
    You Guys Are Great. Handle Yourselves. We’ll Catch You Next Week

  17. Joshua says:

    Take it easy! I can’t even keep up with reading let alone thinking only three of you are doing all the work!

    You guys rock! Paying more gets me to come here two or three times a day! I’ll see you next week!

  18. Joshua says:

    Take it easy! I can’t even keep up with reading let alone thinking only three of you are doing all the work!

    You guys rock! Posting more gets me to come here two or three times a day! I’ll see you next week!

  19. reader says:

    I often time wait four or five days anyway so I have multiple articles to read. ha ha hope you feel better

  20. Mr. E says:

    Like the others that have commented, I am surprised the three of you have contributed so much to this site; especially as a hobby.

    Thank you for your dedication and terrific assortment of kick a** facts!

  21. Hemant says:

    Take care and keep up the good work.

  22. shiyuu killer says:

    we will be waiting for u guys and for Mr,A have rest and get well soon

  23. Reverend Jim says:

    All this from only three people? Unbelievable.

  24. Chris says:

    Thanks for the heads up and hard work.

  25. NYC says:

    Never apologize to us! We love you guys <3 Take all the time you need and tell Mr. A he's in our prayers! I love your recent articles and I can't believe you all do this as a second job! Thats amazing. You make so many people happy and keep up the great work and I promise to keep clicking the ads. Enjoy your time off!

  26. Karl Winston says:

    Wow, i didn’t know the Joker was one of the writers.

  27. Notice me says:

    I found this site on meme centre .com I think 2 years ago and now this site has become the site I visit just as much as Facebook, news and meme Center. I love random facts. Before I go to sleep every night I come here to get my mind off of things so I can sleep better. And it is bed time right now. The last 2 years I don’t think I have ever missed a night here. Thank you so much for helping me deal with my stress. May you all get well and continue to do such a great job.

  28. Seanyboy says:

    No need for explanation huge fan of this site.

  29. Johan says:

    We will glady wait 😀 take care y’all!

  30. Stan says:

    Thanks for all the great content and hard work.

  31. Parth Gajjar says:

    Enjoy your vacation and ditch the site for a few days! We can exercise our grey cells next week! Hope Mr. A. gets well soon and the business trip goes well!

    Thanks for a hobby thats bringing us so much knowledge! Aces in my book!


  32. Rudy says:

    You guys absolutely kick a**. Absolutely.

    I have adblock, so if you had a patreon or analogous website that I can contribute through, let me know!

  33. Thei says:

    Best of health! Good luck on your business trip! Have fun on your vacation!

  34. Jeff says:

    This site kicks a**.

  35. nitesh says:

    Hey guys thank you for your amazing work. I am a regular reader of your site. I really enjoy the info that you guys provide us along with the source and since you are a team of only 3 people , ur work is awesome.

    I want to suggest something – why don’t you guys make a column for us readers who want to share facts on this site.
    Nd yes what are your full names are you guys on Facebook?

  36. Get Well says:

    To the contributor with the fever, Sambusca… stat!
    Guys, you do an amazing job, keep up the good work! Your content is always interesting and engaging.

  37. Christian says:

    Get well soon

  38. John C. says:

    “Peace.” (and thanks for your daily KAF efforts to date)

  39. charlie says:

    I hope you all feel better and I love your site, I work 12 hour shifts and you wonderfully help pass the time.

    More movie trivia ! More history trivia! LOVE YOU BIG BUNCHES!

  40. GJ says:

    Take a break! You guys earned it with this awesome collection! Hope Mr. A Feels better, Mr. J has a good vacation, and Mr. M kills it at his business trip!

  41. Tariq says:

    Love this site and your hard work. Looking forwars to more kickass facts. Enjoy your vacation!

  42. Mr.B says:

    Need a Mr.B.
    Followed this site for long enough to have read every article. And hundreds twice.
    I am on the constant hunt for information. Let me know.

  43. Christian says:

    I think im having withdrawls from no kickassfacts….

  44. Colin says:

    I can’t believe I won’t be able to sleep till Monday, this is just not on really. I mean one of the most popular websites is only run by 3 people!! Seriously get well soon and looking forward to the next post it is actually one thing that keeps me sane

  45. Azizi says:

    Get well soon!! Enjoy your website and didn’t realize that only 3 of you working on this superb website

  46. Jerry says:

    No no, I want my free facts. I don’t care about your lives!

    Kidding… Why not do a kaif on the contributors you can rerun when life runs you over?

  47. Daisy S. says:

    Love this site. Glad to have you guys back! Looking forward to more great articles!

  48. Sudonama says:

    No worries, keep well and enjoy your vacation.

  49. Daphne Galea says:

    I just discovered this site and it’s fabulous. I have A LOT to read and catch up on. So amazed and grateful for your eyebrow-raising facts and especially the feel-good stories. Kind of re-instills my faith in humans again, which is always good! THANK YOU!

  50. C Roy says:

    Well for a team of three to be doing this yeomen work is stupendous. Chill and take time off. Our best wishes are with u all. Be safe and thanks for the efforts.

  51. Guillaume says:

    No kidding, but your website is within my Top 10 since the day I found it!

    Keep up the good work and feel free to take time off as much as you need.

    From Canada,

  52. Jose says:

    Hope he gets good soon and thanks you guys for this site.

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