Saint Michael the Archangel is repeatedly depicted in the Bible as one of God’s strongest warriors; he is the leader of His army. In art, Michael is often portrayed with a sword and a shield, and Jesus’s cross is emblemed on the front. He holds a significant position in the Roman Catholic tradition; he is courageous, strong, and has divine power. Keep reading to discover more intriguing facts about Angel Michael.

1. Angel Michael is the One Who Cast Satan Away from Heaven

According to Revelation 12:7-12, Archangel Michael fought with Satan and cast him out of heaven. This was after Satan led a rebellion against God. Interestingly, angel Michael isn’t mentioned again in the Bible after the altercation.

2. Angel Michael is Also Mentioned in the Quran

While the angel Michael is a popular figure in the Bible, he is also mentioned in the Quran. There is a verse in the Quran (2:98) that warns non-believers about the wrath that awaits them for being an enemy to God and his angels, Mikal or Jibril.

3. Angel Michael is One of God’s Greatest Angel

From the biblical text, there is no doubt that Michael is one of God’s greatest angels. He has been used as a messenger, fighter, healer, and vindicator. He is at the forefront of the fight against darkness.

4. He is the Patron Saint of Police Officers

One of the key roles assigned to Archangel Michael by God is to protect, which is what earthly police officers do. As such, Angel Michael is recognized as the patron saint of police officers. He is also the saint patron for mariners and paratroopers.

5. Michael is the Only Angel Who Built a Church of God Without Human Help

Catholics believe that Archangel Michael appeared to a local bishop on Mount Gargano in 492 and instructed him to dedicate a cave for worshipping God. However, the bishop hesitated, forcing Angel Michael to build the Basilica himself. It is also believed that Michael reappeared at the same venue and blessed the stones of the cave later in 1656.

6. The Bible Acknowledges Michael as the Only Archangel

As per other religious texts, it is believed that there are seven archangels, including Gabriel and Raphael. However, the Bible only acknowledges Michael as the only Archangel. The title arch angle means that Michael is God’s chief messenger or angel in this case.

7. Archangel Michael Only Said 4 English Words in the Bible

Despite his significant role in the Bible, the Archangel Michael only says four words throughout the text. In the Book of Jude, Chapter 9, he tells Satan, “The Lord rebuke you!” In other instances, we only learn about his actions without the Archangel’s direct quotes.

8. Archangel Michael Has a Military Role

In the Bible, Archangel Michael plays the head of a military role. When he fights Satan or the dragon, it is mentioned that Michael and his angels fought Satan, who also had his team of angels. This indicates that Michael is a military leader with some angels beneath him.

9. Archangel Michael will Be There During the End Times

In a vision shown to Daniel about the end times, Archangel Michael will arise and stand guard over Israel; he will be the protector of God’s chosen nation. This is also seconded in 1st Thessalonians 4:16, which says that the voice of the Archangel will be heard during the rapture of the Church, even though it doesn’t mention anyone specifically. However, when you pair that with the fact that the Bible only mentions one Archangel, it’s probably referring to Michael.

10. In Hebrew, Michael Means “Who Resembles God”

According to Hebrew translations, Michael means “who resembles God” or “who is like God.” It makes sense that the Archangel Michael would be given such a name as he is one of God’s best soldiers and messengers.

11. Archangel Michael Killed 185,000 Assyrian Soldiers

While Archangel Michael’s involvement in Satan’s rebellion war in heaven is well-documented in the Bible, his battle with Assyrian soldiers is often overlooked. According to II Kings 19:35, Archangel Michael killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers.

12. He is a Defender of the Faith

Most of Angel Michael’s doings portray him as a defender of the Faith. When Satan tried to rebel against God and His will, Michael was there to cast him away.

13. Angel Michael is Invoked in Catholic Prayers

If you are a catholic, you must have heard of the angel Michael being invoked in prayers or liturgies as Saint Michael or Holy Michael, the Archangel. Even though he was never canonized as a saint, the Catholics believe he is a vital celestial being.

14. Michael is Not the Angel of Death

Although Archangel Michael is often portrayed as the angel of death, Biblical evidence is inconclusive. Over time, Michael has been involved in spiritual battles and served in other commands but never as the angel of death. If anything, the role of the angel of death is assigned to Azrael, known as “Malak Amawt” in Islam.

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