AskReaders: How would you feel about having a mandatory class in high school that teaches about budgeting, handling or avoiding debt, making good investments, signing important documents, job interviews, and other important adult life skills?

October 26, 2017
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  1. Demarke says:

    We had that

  2. lisa says:

    As a retired teacher – yes, it should be taught! As in any class, success depends on a good teacher. When I did my student teaching decades ago, the teacher introduced me to the economics class, turned to me and told me that he hated the kids, there was no textbook and there was no curriculum, just 25 17 year old boys. He then left saying that he would see me at the end of the term. We had a blast. They blindly drew from a box their marital status, job and income. They budgeted. About three times a week they drew again – they had surprise pregnancies they had to rebudget for, sometimes job promotions, sometimes they got fired and had to find new jobs. On the other hand, I went to Target recently and the cashier had no idea how to take my check. He called the manager who had no idea. I finally just used my debit card.

  3. Nobody says:

    In Canada we had a class called CALM, which I think stood for ‘Career and Live Management’. It taught about subjects like chequing, mortgages, how to read your electric/gas meters and various other things that you had to do as an adult. Taught it in grade 11 and I think grade 12 as well.

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