11-15 Novels

11. A Song of Mice and Fire by Brian Jacques.

12. Stephen King’s rendition of Harry Potter.

13. Edgar Allan Poe’s captain underpants.

14. Catcher in the rye, by Hunter S Thompson.

15. Kurt Vonnegut’s cover of A Song Of Ice and Fire.

16-20 Novels

16. Hemingway covering Paris Hilton’s Confession of an Heiress.

17. 50 Shades of Grey by Dr. Seuss.

18. Thomas Pynchon presents Eat, Pray, Love.

19. Chuck Palahniuk’s The Princess Bride.

20. Terry Pratchett’s A Game of Thrones book series.

21-25 Novels

21. Tom Clancy writes Lord of The Flies.

22. George R.R. Martin does The Lord of the Rings.

23. “The Art of the Deal” by Vladimir Putin.

24. Ayn Rand’s The Giving Tree.

25. The Notebook by Milan Kundera.

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