11. Erwin Schrödinger would both roll in his grave and lay still at the same time until observed. IIRC, his famous cat was an example of how stupid the concept of superpositions is. Now everyone attributes the discovery of that part of quantum physics to him.

– Datenegassie

12. Martin Luther, he was so against the ritualistic legalism of the Catholic church. Now the Lutheran church is almost as full of rituals as the Catholic church.

– ward_bond

13. Edward Jenner, creator of the first vaccine (smallpox).

– ax0r

14. Probably one of those guys that went over Niagara Falls in a barrel, especially one of the guys that were never found.

– TRex_N_Truex

15. Charles Darwin. The guy started the ball rolling, but jeez people still use “Darwinism” as a pejorative like he pioneered genome mapping that proves evolution, too. Every time someone says “I didn’t come from no monkey,” Charles Darwin takes another spin.

– nookienostradamus

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

16. President Eisenhower and how much he warned against the military-industrial complex.

– jigla

17. Sam Walton, Dude started Walmart as an American store with only items made in America.

He’d probably dig a hole in the factories that make his product.

– Ghostbuster_119

18. Karl Marx, either from all of those who claimed to be implementing his ideas and ran a dictatorship, those who vilified him thinking that his ideas were about creating dictatorships, or the fact that the only ones who take him seriously are young idealists who haven’t even read his books.

– Yserbius

19.  Thomas Jefferson, his vision was for a small, limited government, performing only a few items enumerated in the Constitution and nothing more. Today, both the Democrats and Republicans have hijacked the US Government in a never-ending money-and-power grab, and have created a massive, bloated, intrusive government that stands for neither freedom nor individual liberty.

– BartholomewOobleck

20. The Flat Earth Society would make Galileo spin enough to power the planet for quite some time.

– LuellaEnWhyte

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

21. Neil Armstrong, he would be mortified that there are millions of people who think his greatest life achievement of walking on the moon was faked.

– Striker1435

22. Robert Kardashian.

– VictorBlimpmuscle

23. Bismarck, seeing his dreams shattered and a country size smaller by the war would give him a stroke.

– BeProudOfYourNation

24. Elizabeth Magie, inventor of The Landlord’s Game which would later be adapted into the board game we now know as Monopoly.

Magie was a believer in an economic philosophy known as Georgism, which holds as one of its central tenets that private ownership and monopolization of land unavoidably lead to economic inequality.

The Landlord’s Game was intended to demonstrate how the concentration of land ownership into private hands only serves to enrich landlords and impoverish tenants and was supposed to inspire in the player a sense of unfairness.

Ironically, the game is ostensibly so popular now because it appeals to the aspirational tendencies of players and gives them a taste of how fun it is to be the Robber Baron every now and then.

– Shields32

25. Kemal Ataturk of Turkey. He founded a secular country that valued democracy, science, and humanism. Look at us now.

– nietzschebietzsche

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