11. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the story of a woman who breaks into a warehouse searching for a teddy bear to cheer up her terminally ill little sister. As she is searching, she encounters robot guard dogs that, upon detecting the intruder, embark on helping her find the correct row and shipping pallet on which the box of teddy bears are stored, and then merge to form a Voltron-like mega robodog and ride her back to her sister just in time for them to perform life-saving surgery to remove the little girl’s tumor and then stay with the girl as her loyal and loving robo-pets and everyone lives happily ever after.

– VictorBlimpmuscle

12. I read something a little while back about an AI escaping its lab and living on the internet, and subtly manipulating things for the better as it learns about humanity.

I would really like to see that idea expanded on.

– gwennoirs

13. Most episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

– RobotDrZaius

14. Disease and aging are eliminated by science. The Earth becomes a giant nursery. Once people reach a certain level of maturity, they are sent to forge their destiny among the stars.

The episode would be about the person left on Earth the longest, and their journey to discover why.

– ChaosSpacePerson

15. 1) An episode where due to the massive automation of the time every individual has the ability to cheaply 3D print anything they can dream of. People create an economy of free-flowing ideas and innovations where the production and distribution are no longer an issue leading every common man to live like a billionaire.

2) The advancements in biochemistry allow humans to produce crops that can be grown in every previously non-suitable location solving world hunger immediately. With better nutrition, the world begins advancing quickly as more great minds flourish.

3) Advancements in carbon structures create wearable fabrics with the strength of steel. Firearms are no longer reliably lethal, and extreme sports become practically free of terrible injury.

4) Biologists unlock the secrets of hydras allowing the end to aging, people become massively wise and intelligent with their unending lifespans, then venturing into the cosmos to learn about the universe.

5) Fusion energy along with powerful batteries and better agricultural practices make all corners of the globe well fed and without the need for resources. War is gone and humanity finds no further need for politics or government. Eventually, curiosity alone drives a now vibrant planet and people begin to unlock the secrets of existence.

– dingu-malingu

16. Skyping my grandma.

– giantgoose

17. A severely depressed teenager is able to live a happy, healthy life due to pharmaceutical research and advances in medical technology.

– Bedlambiker

18. Every copy of WinRAR would be paid for and registered in the White Mirror universe.

– Dysthymike

19. Everyone lives simple, placid lives surrounded by their loved ones socializing and making art without concern for tomorrow.

– tehmlem

20. Fed up with apps like Snapchat and Instagram showing you what you’re missing out on, a young girl creates an app which shows all the good memories you don’t remember.

Mental health problems in the nation diminish significantly as a result.

– unfinishe_

21. Saviour- A man arrives in a drought-ridden town and uses a rapid assembly nano kit to provide water for the people free of charge.

Samaritan – An interplanetary delivery woman agrees to help a little boy find his mother, discovers it is her long-lost sister.

Get bent – A genderfluid person suffers their own biology in depression but is offered the chance for modifications allowing them to morph their body according to their self-perception. They recover from their depression as they master the mods.

See like me – A Synesthetic man is enabled to share his sight with his lover, a color-blind man.

Across – The story of a software engineer working with a linguistics to repair a live translation device as talks between two hostile powers are underway.

A grain of sand – A woman is denied access to the university on account of her gender. Proceeds to use the knowledge of the internet to study hard and surpass the valedictorian of her would be graduating class.

10,000 steps – A man uses high-speed rail to travel from the tip of South America to London, England. It is revealed he did this to be with his family after his young daughter attempted to try the same trip backward.

Mirror – The victim of an acid attack begins the process of rebuilding their face and getting back to “normal” chooses to willingly leave a scar as a memento to be strong.

Architecture – A woman builds a fantastical series of buildings using force field tech for a homeless youth community.

– Rancerle

22. Two closeted gay guys find each other on Chatroulette and support each other’s journey to come out.

– sensitiveinfomax

23. A man meets a woman while vacationing in a major city. She lives there, but he doesn’t. He’s leaving for his home on the other side of the country the next morning. They wander the streets of the busy city all night long, chatting constantly about their hopes and dreams. They watch the sunrise wrapped in each other’s arms. When she takes him to the airport the next morning, she’s clearly upset. She’s never met anyone she gets along with so well. He offers to stay in touch with Skype and they exchange usernames-but she isn’t too hopeful about the situation. When she gets home from the airport and lets her computer wake from its sleep mode, she notices he’s added her before ever even getting on the plane, only moments after she left him according to the time stamp.

Later that night when he’s settled at home he logs onto skype to see her icon is online. He messages her instantly. Their playful banter and easy conversation flow long into the morning hours. Over time their weekly skype sessions become daily. They begin to show each other their home cities-taking their phones with them to skype anywhere they can. He walks her down a street festival where music and light pour from every stall. His headphones in only he can hear what she has to say to him. She makes an hour-long drive to her parents’ house, and he Skypes with her on the drive, keeping her entertained with car games and random trivia. She sends him a recipe she found online, and that night they make and eat the same meal on opposite sides of the country. They begin to look forward to seeing each other’s Skype icon alight every single night without fail. They even turn on a tracking app that helps them see how far the other has to go before they are home. They fall asleep while skyping and wake to each others sleeping form.

But distance makes all things hard. Months pass. Both their data bills are through the roof. He begins to feel a lack of connection to her-the real her. She feels like all she knows of him is the face of her phone. As if the device and the person are one in the same. They miss one Skype. Then another cause he has to work. Another cause she fell asleep while waiting for him. One day, though they pre-agreed to skype that night, he never even shows. The icon stays unlit and though she tries to keep her mind steady, she feels the cold hard stab of doubt in her chest. Was it something she said? Did? Is he with someone better for him? One that doesn’t pester him every day? She checks the tracking app. Nothing. This isn’t even turned on. Sending another stab of doubt through her. Where could he be that he doesn’t want her to know? Why is he hiding his movements? He never seemed like someone who’d do that. But did she ever really know him? Or just the online him? Another hour passes and though she tries to keep occupied, she can’t stop checking. Still nothing. In her frustration, she throws down her phone and the screen shatters. The white light bleeding black from every crack into the screen. Angry, hot tears spring to her eyes as she watches the grey icon flicker away completely.

Her doorbell rings and as she wipes away her frustrated tears she apologizes to the phone. Picking it up off the floor, she wipes away spare shards of screen glass, as if that will turn back the clock. She knows it can’t hear. It’s not a person nor the thing she’s angry about but, it did nothing wrong. With the phone in hand, she walks to the door where there he stands. A duffle under one arm, too big to be an overnight bag. On the other, he has his phone out. “Why aren’t you online?” He says “I was gonna surprise you. But my flight was late.” She launches her self at him, into his arms, causing his phone to fall to the ground. No more devices between them.

– samwritessometimes

24. People actually use their phones to look up information during debates. They use it to hold politicians accountable for their illegal, immoral, and unethical actions. You know, instead of looking at the stupid stuff that the Logan brothers are doing.

– ld2gj

25. Everyone uploads their brain into a system that allows us to experience each other’s lives and then puts us back in our bodies. People see that they are all connected and start acting really sweet to each other.

– passwordgoeshere

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