11. I’d talk to so many girls.

– tpki

12. I would be so happy that my best friend isn’t dead.

– GoombaShroom

13. Relieved.

– -The_Cereal_Killer-

14. Hard question. On one hand, if by some miracle I retained my current social intelligence and knowledge of how things work in the real world, I would work hard and not waste time in places where I know we’re not as good as I wanted them to.

On the other hand, making those same choices might not lead me to the people that I currently know and that have made an impact in my life. I find it hard to digest a life where I didn’t meet these people.

– SirLeos

15. I’d be happy. I’d no longer be a quadriplegic, and it would give me an opportunity to try harder in school like I wish I had.

– FunC00ker

16. I’m not doing this all again.

– Ocula

17. There was actually a case where someone was in a coma and had almost exactly that happen to them. They dreamed (or whatever you call it while in a coma) years of their life. Got married, had kids, was successful at life and then woke up. I would be devastated.

– Back_To_The_Oilfield

18. I’d be so glad to have my dog back 🙁

– OGswan

19. I’d go chasing Nicole S. The physical developments that girl between 14 and 18 was incredible.

– IronicMetamodernism

20. I’d be sad and probably cry because I lost my SO and all friends I had after 14. Then I’d go back to school and make all the wrong choices again and pray to a higher power that it’ll lead me back to my SO.

– Jauxerous

21. I’d be really sad because I’d still be living in an abusive home.

– waterpanne

22. I’d start by investing in bitcoin.

– AlwaysSunnynDEN

23. Part horrified – 14 years old me was awkward, it was the worst of my bullying, and well even without that teens years are bad.

Part relieved because the number of times I wished I could go back as a teen, with fewer responsibilities, less dire consequences for my mistakes, and mostly I can correct some of my biggest mistakes like starting to smoke, not learning to drive young, and choosing the wrong career (and thus elective in HS, and majors in college).

– shrekine

24. So happy. I would do anything to go back to being a kid. My life is great now, but there are so many things I would’ve told my 14 yr old self not to do and how to navigate life.

– brooklyngirlzee

25. I’d come out the closet sooner.

– Meskaline

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