11. Eat less meat.

I’m not trying to be all vegan, meat tastes great and has nutrients it can be hard to get from non-animal sources. Yay. At the same time, though, livestock farming is both directly and indirectly responsible for a huge amount of environmental degradation and contributes to the evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which impact the quality of life even if you don’t bother about climate change.

– AnalogOfDwarves

12. The clothing industry is pretty terrible for the environment, especially fast fashion. Best of all is to only buy clothes you need, but if you do buy clothes then buy second hand, or buy higher quality clothes that will last longer which will be cheaper in the long run anyway.

– Debaser97

13. Avoiding products with Palm Oil is a good one.

Here’s a good summary of why: SayNoToPalmOil

– Radu47

14. Plant-based instead of animal-based products.

– tuobagnikniht

15. Where possible, don’t drive. Walk, bike, take public transit or carpool.

This won’t be possible for everyone, but there are a lot of people who don’t really need to drive who do it anyway. Besides the obvious impact individual drivers have on the environment and traffic, walking/biking/public transit is better for building a stronger sense of community, reducing feelings of isolation, and really absorbing and learning about your surroundings. When you just quickly drive by, you miss so much and interact with fewer people.

– allthebacon_and_eggs

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

16. Boycott Nestlé. They sent baby formula to mothers in third world countries, but only enough to last until they stopped producing breastmilk. And since the formula is so expensive, the mothers use less than recommended leading to malnourished babies. Oh, and they don’t have very clean water to mix the formula with.

Plus they killed dogs with treats that contained an ingredient banned by the FDA. Then they ignored the complaints.

– ComcastComplaintDept

17. This is pretty minor, but I recommend avoiding any cable news source. I’m liberal leaning, and not until the current administration has I become a screeching liberal caricature, but I still wouldn’t watch CNN out of principle. Make your own opinions. Why would you watch TV to hear your thoughts bounced back at you? I think Fox News is more reprehensible than others, but all of them help in polarizing and already dramatically split populace.

– soomuchcoffee

18. Use nuclear energy. Right now, we don’t have the tech to support our electric network only with renewable energies on a regular basis. Most countries that are reducing or completely eliminating their nuclear power are doing so by compensating it with coal or gas.

Reality is, nuclear energy is the safest kind of energy and one of the cleanest. Its decline is more political than technical or environmental.

– MrTrt

19. Respect that other people may have other opinions on stuff than you have. People are always so angry if someone unknown on the internet says (s)he has a different opinion than they have, don’t people see that we’re all different, as in, different preferences of clothing/music/politics/tv shows/etc…

– lrgame1983

20. Vote, and have a care about who you vote for. Don’t just put your vote for the guy of your leaning, look up the programs before, take at least an hour to compare everyone’s and make an informed decision. When more people vote intelligently, things are better. When fewer people votes, we leave the most important decisions to the most radicalized folks, and that’s who the politics will start pandering to. Vote.

– GargamelLeNoir

Image credit: beritadaily.com

21. Designate yourself as an organ donor. It’s unbelievably selfish to deprive someone else of a life-saving organ after you pass.

– BucksBrew

22. Not making decisions based on whats best for yourself, but what has the greatest benefit for all people.
Obviously not in all things all the time, but the egomania within our society makes it so much worse than it could be.

– PandaDerZwote

23. Don’t say the name of school shooters. A part of their motivation is to get on some kind of leaderboard and have notoriety. These people actually get fan mail.

– LennyIsBack

24. I would have to say maintaining a healthy diet. It’s so easy to get caught up eating fast food/ processed food and then people wonder why they are constantly feeling bad and visiting the doctor. Including more fruits and vegetables into your diet can do wonders for the body. Staying away from sugar and high fructose corn syrup is a great way to start. You’d be surprised how much sugar is in products that it shouldn’t necessarily be there (i.e. Bottled Spaghetti sauce for one example). Just because you don’t have health problems now doesn’t mean that you are healthy! It can and will catch up to you if an effort is not made.

– WoodBlocked

25. If you’re in the U.S. maybe become aware of the wars being waged for our “national security”.

– Hynjia

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