11. The Playstation 1 startup sound is one of my favorite sounds of all time.

– schwagle

12. The crackling of the campfire, rushing mountain creeks, dog nose sniffing noises, sound of snow crunching underfoot, the gurgling noise my coffee maker makes when the pot is finished brewing.

Instrumentally, I love the kravik lyre and the ney flute.

Here are some videos showcasing the instruments I love.

Ney: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_vBEr3PXDY

Kravik Lyre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7V2ONxtA3Hw & one of my favorite songs, Helvegen; https://youtu.be/1fE02cU7ALs?t=34

– Tasukaru

13. When two electric guitar parts harmonize during a guitar solo.

– RedneckJedi72

14. Gentle thunderstorms.

– irishamerican

15. The sound of a cat purring. Or just an animal in a deep sleep.

– CocaKoala819

16. Cutting a fresh baguette, or biting into a ciabatta roll.

I like bread.

– mattlarkey

17. Thunder, the cello and that sound when you break something on Minecraft.

– Hoodie0ppa

18. The way my mom answers the phone when I call.

– Djanghost

19. That THX sound that used to play at the beginning of movies.

– ShrekTheHallz

20. Seismic Charges in Attack of the Clones.

– HattMunter

21. The sound of frogs. All frogs. Doesn’t matter which frogs. All frogs sound, if not relaxing, cool and oddly addicting. Personal favorites are barking tree frogs and natterjack toads.

Also the sound of flowing water, the sound of being underwater, and the sound of the waves at the beach.

– JumpingShinyFrogs

22. I recently adopted an adolescent stray cat. It doesn’t quite know how to meow yet, but its attempts are wonderful.

– ThunderCharm

23. Bob Ross mixing paint on the pallet using the knife.

– Gigavash

24. The distant sound of an owl makes me nostalgic for my old neighborhood on a summer night. Owls have a very distinct call that TV and movies never seem to get right. Most media uses this fake owl call that has 6 short hoots, while actual owl calls have 2 short hoots followed by 3 long ones. The only piece of media I know of that had an actual owl call was a breath of the wild.

– awfulmspaint

25. The sound of hard-soled shoes walking on wet concrete sidewalks.

– I_Luv_A_Charade

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