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AskReaders: What “cinema sin” is the most irritating, that filmmakers need to stop committing immediately?

We asked our regular contributors through e-mail  What “cinema sin” is the most irritating, that filmmakers need to stop committing immediately? We got many interesting responses. Here are some of them. We have just copied and pasted their responses, not editing them in any way.

1. Stop giving away the whole movie in the damn trailer.

– actrix

2. Fight scenes that constantly cut to different angles so often you can barely tell what’s happening in the fight. I feel like it’s gotten better of late though.

– Fear_Jaire

3. Coffee cups. Just put some damn water in it to stop actors from waving them all over the place. Every time!

– seethathorse

4. The final fight, bad guy vs good guy. The first 70% of the fight the good guy is going to get his ass handed to him. He’s gonna be slow, stand around waiting for the punch to hit him and generally just be a way worse fighter than he was through the whole movie so far.

Then suddenly he gets magical strength from somewhere and hits up the bad guy.

I so loved Taken when the final mastermind guy just got point blank taken out before he could even finish his first sentence.

– Reapr

5. The smart friend tells the main character some weird technobabble while they’re researching and the main character says English please, then the smart one says it in a way the audience can understand.

– masterbaterpotater

6. “Wait, I can explain!”

This proceeds to do everything but explain.

Also, can we get rid of “Forget everything you think you know!” from trailers?


7. The hero pours vodka over his/her wounds, uses a half-assed bandage, and isn’t bothered by the injury for the rest of the film.

– Devonai

8. 1 guy vs a large group and not getting jumped all at once.

Shows like Daredevil and Old Boy worked around this by having fights in cramped halls where it would be very difficult to overwhelm with sheer numbers, but movies like the Old Boy remake (reinterpretation) just use a large room and all the thugs stand around fighting the air, going one at a time to attack the protagonist.

– Stumphead101

9. Main characters love interest investigates a sound they heard only to find the main character in a compromising position with another person that was forcing themselves on them. The main characters love interest then runs away asking no questions.

Like I know for a fact you heard the guy say “ stop “ or “ get off me” that’s why you investigated so why not ask questions?!

– yeetskeetrepeat420

10. Defusing the bomb with just a second or two left.

– moon_monkey


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  • I have a few…

    – Scientist writing on glass walls. No one ever did that. Scientist have boring offices with white boards sometimes, but mostly just computers.

    – This one genius warning the president about a huge catastrophe and no one listens? No, that doesn’t work that way either. Governments commision research and then they evaluate it and in democracies there will be a parliament of some sort to decide on actions.

    – Scientist work in large teams and almost never you have one single genius. Science doesn’t work that way. Research needs so much time and money and funding.

    – Students at university won’t leave before the professor finished his class. Why should they leave before the professor finishes talking about homework. They are students and they are in Uni voluntarily. It’s their job to keep up with their studies.

    – Hackers hacking instantly on computers with black background and greewn writing and shouting “I am in”.

    – The hero three-point landing. It will crush your knee instantly.

    – Running madly in love to the airport, buying a ticket to get to the gate to your love interest. One could save some hundred bucks and just phone! Or meet later. If you love somebody your feeling won’t disapear.

    I could go on and on…

    • Movies where cops call to a suspect from half a block away in order to allow for a pointless five minute foot chase.

      Fancy computer graphics showing a hacker’s progress while hacking into a computer system.

      Guessing someone’s password in three tries or fewer.

      Lens flare. Just stop.

      You can do anything on a smart phone in two clicks/swipes.

  • Swords drawn from a scabbard making the noise of the blade scaping across a house brick… uh… I am going to kill you with many bruises and not a single cut ‘cos the blade is so blunt!

    Often scenes that refers to science, engineering or medicine as inevitably they get it wrong or inaccurate – massive explosions in space making the camera shake from the non-existent air blast

  • Boy meets girl while hiding some sort of secret . Girl finds out , gets upset and they break up . Then a montage of how she gets on with life , then they run in to each other again for some reason , get together again and it’s happily ever after . SAME BORING S HIT.

  • 23#cause of movies i thought it was part of american culture to finish a call like you were pissed off with lame service support


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