11. Every driving scene that involves talking always has the driver maintaining eye contact with the passenger for more than 10 seconds at a time. Like who does this in real life? It’s incredibly dangerous. When I’m talking while driving I always keep my eyes on the road. Looking away for a mere 3 seconds at high speed is enough to crash into something.

– BuhnanaSlug

12. Characters who work in very low paying jobs, yet live by themselves in expensive homes in safe neighborhoods, and there is no explanation of how they can pay for a million dollar home on a minimum wage income.

– MatterCaster

13. I hate it when characters have to kiss at the most inappropriate time. Like something bad is gonna happen, that’s when they think is the right time to kiss.

– thierryanm

14. Characters initially avoiding calling each other by their names so the audience can immediately know how they are related.

“Hey, sis!”

“What’s up my cousin?”

– chocolatemochas

15. Gunfire in enclosed spaces followed by conversation. Gunfire is so loud and after a Hollywood fire-fight without ear protection, all you’d hear is mawp mawp mawp.

– whiterice07

16. You wouldn’t understand how hard it is to be an ugly girl, stop pretending… I know I have a birthmark/wear glasses/etc.

Wonder Woman did a hilarious mocking of that with Really? You put specs on her and she’s suddenly not the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen?

– ATXgaymer

17. Big romantic confessions of love-

“Judy, I love the way you eat your painkillers and Pringles together. I love how you wipe your nose on the sleeve of your shirt and offer it to the dog to lick. And I know we’ve only known each other for a month where I stalked you, stabbed you, and almost killed your ‘supposedly’ evil boyfriend, but I’m in love with you. Irrevocably! I know, you are, too! Don’t deny yourself of this wonderful, wonderful feeling called ‘love,’ because honey, I love you even when you wear your panties inside out and go to work like its no big deal. Err… What I’m trying to say is that I’m the ONE. I’m the one who’ll enjoy watching you turn scarlet in front of this crowd as I make a big, romantic gesture.”

– ChaserElm

18. People being able to see perfectly underwater without a mask/goggles. This bugs me every time.

– Braythor_

19. Glancing into a misty mirror, then wiping it clean to reveal something bad.

– BallsOfRedemption

20. I don’t like when characters have to verbally fill us in on what should be the unknown. For example, in Planet of the Apes when Franco was talking to Caesar. Caesar would sign, and then Franco would repeat everything before giving his response. I’d like to just hear Franco’s responses and get what Caesar was saying through context.

– PhilipLiptonSchrute

21. Guns that fire an infinite number of rounds without reloading.

– Nude-eh

22. Besides high school students always looking like they are in their 20s, they always have amazing hair. Even the background extras have beautiful well-done hair. I have been to high schools, it’s all buns, frizz, shag, and absence of any product use except for a few and goes for some teachers, too. Also, where are the kids with mild acne and wrinkled clothes?

– 11twenty2

23. Nobody ever says goodbye properly on the phone.

– chippeh

24. Need blood for some ritual or pact? Let’s just slice down our palms, which is an extremely annoying place to have a wound because it means you can barely use your hand anymore without pain. Oh wait, let’s just forget that and let them have full use of their hand in the next fight scene.

Seriously, there are so many better places to get blood if they really need it that makes much more sense than that.

– -eDgAR-

25. When going in to explore a house where the “bad guy” is, no one ever turns a light on, opens every hiding place or turns around to prevent being flanked.

– Lurkymclurkering

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