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11. Pulp fiction.

– wrecker

12. The Lion King.

– TheShortPalmTree

13. Mean Girls. The fact that people still quote a comedy from 14 years ago says a lot. Hell, we even celebrate October 3rd as Mean Girls day on social media.

– Souled_Out895

14. Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

– theonlydidymus

15. Nightmare Before Christmas. What an art style.

– Destin715

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16. Goodfellas.

– Kaizerchief11

17. The Dark Knight revolutionized not just Batman but superhero movies in general.

– Gokuschka

18. Shrek. Not counting just the memes behind it, it was one of the first CGI movies, had a strong message about being accepted, and had humor for all ages (while having a few less-than-kid-friendly jokes scattered about).

It also has the memes that have been going around for at least 5 years, ancient compared to the lifespan of most memes.

– Anonigmus

19. Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke. Spirited away is the only traditionally animated film to win a nontechnical Oscar, the only non-Western animated film to win an Oscar. It was the highest grossing film in Japan of all time for a long while and is consistently ranked on the top 10 greatest movies of the 21st century, and top 100 of all time. With the exception of maybe a handful, it won every award it was nominated for. And I can’t stress enough that it’s traditionally animated in a world where 99% of animated films are CGI, and the line between CGI and live action is more and more Blurred, a film like spirited away becomes more important as it is not only an opus of its medium, but also because the medium is dying or dead to most audiences. Spirited Away is also approachable by and easily enjoyed by anyone. It reflects positive themes of empowerment, respect, and Justice. Spirited also manages to represent the love between a male and a female that’s not romantic, but platonic and built on respect and admiration for one another.

Princess Mononoke is a better movie, in my opinion, but is probably less important to and for mainstream attention and study because it didn’t have the impact or approachability.

– DrNoided

20. Fight Club.

– DemocraticRepublic

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21. Schindler’s List.

– J9809

22. Wall-E definitely. Not only is it a gorgeous film, with the first half being a stellar “silent” film but it carries messages of environmentalism and anti-consumerism which we are now starting to see fully the repercussions of in our own environment.

– flapjackisyum

23. Leon

The Professional

Natalie Portman put on a command performance at age 12, plus Jean Reno and Gary Oldman going head to head.

– xmagusx

24. No Country For Old Men.

– Mista_Madridista

25. Fargo

– xmagusx

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