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AskReaders: What has still not been explained by science?

11. Why we cry. As far as I know, there is no scientific explanation for why droplets of water come out of our eyes when we get sad.

– MiS_Schuey

12. What causes mental illness and why medical treatments for it work for some and not for others. We have hypotheses but nothing definitive. Pretty sad, given how many people are affected by it.

– CrazyCatLushie

13. Why time only appears to “move” in one direction.

– darkestparagon

14. Why JFK’s head just did that.

– wearywarrior

15. Why you can’t continue playing music when you close the YouTube app.

– dtyndall92

16. Ball lightning

– Dayforger7

17. How wombats manage to sh*t squares.

– mr_woo_kie

18. What’s in a black hole.

– Djdanny90999

19. How is babby formed?

– DrColossusOfRhodes

20. Why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

– kaltorak

21. Why we yawn.

– I-fall-up-stairs

22. Anesthesiology.

– thejewsdidnothing

23. What is love?

– BalouCurie

24. How did the cameraman hold his breath that long to record finding nemo.?

– weindog2

25. Autism and why it happens.

– Goodguydruu


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