11. Bringing flowers on a first date! It’s so cheesy, but no one has ever brought me flowers.

– Beign_yay

12. Drive-In Movie Theaters.

– GaryNOVA

13. Traditional animation. A lot of the big animation studios claim it’s too expensive and time-consuming but if you look at their budgets and how long it can take to render CG animated films then it’s about the same difference.

– purplefilm

14. Canning and preserving food. I grew up doing this and it’s something I still do. There’s nothing like eating chili in the winter with tomato juice you made yourself or eating homemade strawberry jelly. My friends didn’t grow up in that lifestyle but enjoy when I bring them fresh jelly in the spring.

– mindthewhitecat

15. Stores being closed on holidays. It’s dead already but was so much better.

– CortexiphanSubject81

16. Bonfire Night in the UK. Every year it’s harder to find a Bonfire, and Halloween is taking its place.

– Designer_Lingonberry

17. That Irish one with the rings that indicate whether or not you’re interested in dating anyone by the way you wear them.

– RegretfulPhysicist

18. Stained glass window-making in the style and quality of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

– Back2Bach

19. Singing sea chanties.

– Blatherbother470

20. Cheat codes in video games. Very few video games have them anymore. I think the last really big game I played that had cheat codes was Saints Row IV.

Please bring them back.

– AnimeDreama

21. Fixed work weeks.

I’m off on Wednesday’s and Thursdays. I can plan things for those days.
Every job I had before this would give me two days off every week, but I’d never know when they were going to be until the Sunday before. It’s no way to live and it doesn’t make for happy employees.

– EllieVader

22. Handwritten letters.

I’m not sad to see the greeting industry die, but I wish it was more common to send handwritten letters. They’re treasured in a way you can never treasure an email. Having something handwritten is also such a meaningful connection (and keepsake if needed).

– SplendidTit

23. LAN parties.

– BagelsR4Jews

24. Learning how to live off the land, all these survival foods you buy for hiking, camping, etc, might not always be available. I love watching Primitive Technology on YouTube because he shows how to live off the land without any modern tools. The only modern things in his videos are his shorts and the cameras recording the video.

– BalinAmmitai

25. “Home economics” as they used to call it. Learning the basics of cooking, baking, sewing, cleaning and how to manage a household budget. They are useful and important things to know no matter who you are.

– DallasSteph

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