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AskReaders: What is a unique “game” you played as a child?

11. It’s not what it sounds like but my cousin and I used to play the “underwear” game. We would go into her laundry room which was in the basement with ample room, and both of us would grab someone’s used underwear from the hamper. Then we’d fight each other trying to get the underwear over the other’s head. Obviously, it was disgusting and had to stop when someone caught us playing it.

– swampy_pillow

12. My cousin and I used to play “witches”. We basically made like a million poems about wishing harm on everyone we hate and would run around in the forest cursing them. We also did more wholesome stuff, like picking up twigs and leaves to put in our potion pots. The potions were also usually to curse people though.

– PieALaChode

13. “The Bomb Game”. We threw a ball around and if you got hit, you had to lie on the ground for five seconds before returning to the game. My sister and I and our brother-like cousins would play this against our uncles and although I’m pretty sure if we actually kept score, we kicked their asses.

Eventually, all the uncles and my dad joined in and the youngest uncle joined the “kids” team. He told us he “played The Bomb Game in high school” (my younger cousins actually believed this) and we wanted him on our team anyway because he was more like the biggest kid. It eventually became a family tradition… ah, back in the day when my family actually saw each other…

– Reaper_of_Souls

14. I have a thing for tournaments. I don’t know what it is, but I love brackets. I’ve read books with nothing but brackets of random sh*t. “Best vegetable” or “Best vacation spots” and sh*t like that.

On my summer breaks from school, I would stay up super late, like 6 am, and I would spend my time playing this tournament game while listening to sports talk radio. Basically, I would write down the names of my friends and people I knew and fill out a bracket. I’d flip a coin to see who won. The first round started as best of five and they got progressively longer, with a loser’s bracket that was best of three. When a player got enough flips in his/her favor, they would move to the next round. After a champion was crowned, I would calculate all the winning percentages by hand and use their overall records to seed them going into the next tournament. I still have notebooks full of these tournaments in my parents shed.

– IndyDude11

15. “Bockey” or “Bike-hockey” even though only one person was on a bike. There were three of us, so the game was played 2v1.

The two people are on roller blades with hockey sticks and a ball (a hard plastic “street hockey” ball). The one person was on a bike.

The object of the game was to shoot the ball between the wheels of the bike. If we got it through, we got a point. If he blocked it with his foot, he got a point. We had a ~50 yard stretch of our street we’d play on. We actually used to set a timer and play for three five-minute periods.

– walkingcarpet23

16. My grandma had a bunch of huge novelty size balls of yarn when I was growing up. I’m talking these things had to have been like four feet in diameter with yarn as thick as my child’s arms. And what my grandma would do is unravel the yarn balls and stick one of our toys in the center and then yarn the yarn ball back up nice and tight and the toss the yarns balls in the back yard. The idea was we had to get the toy out of the center, but we weren’t allowed to use our hands to do it. Our hands would be tied behind our backs so we didn’t cheat. We’d be out there for hours hurling our tiny bodies at these giant yarn balls trying to unravel them and get to that sweet, sweet toy in the middle and me and my sister would work together where she’d find a long branch and use her mouth to fish it down the back of my shirt and into my pants and I’d hold the branch with my butt cheeks and so with the branch sticking out, I’d kind of be like a human fork. We usually made good progress with that move, but that yarn was so heavy. Sometimes we’d succeed, sometimes we wouldn’t, and when we didn’t, grandma would walk outside shaking her head in mock disappoint, grab whatever loose end there was and unravel the whole yarn ball with one clean jerk. I miss the grandma.

– LookAtTheWhiteVan

17.  We used to play E.T. in the playground. We’d run about acting out scenes from the film. I had a brown parka so invariably I’d get to be the lovable alien.

Great times.

– that5pcarrierbag

18. I’m a camp counselor and we play a game called “Screaming Toes” with our kids. We get in a circle and pick someone in the group’s toes to stare at. Someone counts to three and on three you look at the person whose toes you were staring at. If that person was looking at your toes to you both scream and you’re both out. The kids love it.

– ferg

19. I and my sister would play “color copy” where one of us would draw a picture and the other would follow along on their paper. They’d inevitably both be shitty, but surprisingly close! It’s almost akin to those wine and painting things where 13 women down a few bottles of wine and all paint the same tree.

– StolenCamaro

20. There’s that game everyone played in their head on car journeys, with a little character running alongside and dodging cars and other obstacles. For me, it was Super Mario.

– ehsteve23

21. We would play baseball in the street but with a tennis racket so we could blast the ball all over the neighborhood.

– lizard_king0000

22. Oh man, I remember this fondly.

When I was eight or so, my brother, I, and my best friend played “the dark man game.”

It was hide-and-seek in my parents’ basement with the lights out. The person looking for the other two wore a glow-in-the-dark Skeletor mask, so the two people hiding could see him, but he couldn’t see us. It got really intense at times, trying to find your way in the dark and trying to be as quiet as possible. Also, my parents’ basement was unfinished, so occasionally you’d bump into a nail etc. Made it extra dangerous, lol.

– OP_Is_A_Filthy_Liar

23. Happy cake day. My friends would play a game we called “Transformers” where we picked a transformer and then just ran around doing nothing in particular.

– nengelsgtjunior

24. I played this game we called hunger games, and we had about 15 or more people standing in a large circle out in the field of school, someone would shout 3,2,1 and everyone would run. Sometimes there would be balls in the middle and if you hit someone with a ball, they die and cut in the middle. If you touch someone, they die and if you touch each other at the same time, you both die. When there are around 3-5 people left, the dead come back and require a quick double touch to kill someone. Last one alive wins. To make this more child-friendly change death to out.

– Kyal_B05

25. Used to play “Get Down Mr. President” with my mates every now and then.

Basically one of us would start the game by placing our hand to our ear (like we were secret service). The last one to realize is “Mr. President” and we all dogpile him.

– Squif-17

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