AskReaders: What is autism really like?

February 2, 2017
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  1. ragingfaggotry says:

    -autism angry post-
    -response to sensationalized garbage post-

    Remember evolution? The brain evolves too. The depth of modern social interaction is insane. Things used to be a lot more simple. Because of this, newer generations are seeing more powerful cognitive power. When there is no use for this, the processing power in the brain gets a little off balance. Obsessive tendencies, attention-deficit, hyperactivity, physical fidgeting, sensory issues. There is extra potential not being utilized. Many kids are not stimulated. Nature fills voids.

    Why am I pissed?

    At varied times, I share every single characteristic of your vanilla flavored autist. In my experience with actual humans branded with the diagnosis, I have encountered a scary trend…. The person was RAISED as an autistic person. Odd especially when they are more normal than i am. I failed the asspie test because I watched my hyper brother get in trouble for being wild, so I acted normal. He was a pain for my parents, so they made him eat psych meds. He became awkward later on as a young adult.

    You can believe you have a condition alllll you want, you can even pay someone to make it official, but here’s a breakdown of some issues I read above. A doctor won’t explain it like this, because they make more money by pointing you to a lifelong regiment of unnecessary chemicals and billable hours.

    -I don’t know how to make friends (There is no guide, everyone is different, not a natural skill)
    -I loathe social interaction and have no clue what to do (People are other people. crazy right?)
    -I interpret the question differently, and get yelled at for asking questions (Shitty teacher with shitty prompts)
    -I’m bad with emotions and don’t talk about them. (That makes you human, not mentally ill)
    -I wish this all would come naturally. (It is not instinctive. Every person on earth has to learn this. No two people learn the same way.)
    -I feel like I’m part of a play and everyone has the script but me (This is a different mental illness.)
    -I get intensely interested in things… (Wow. That’s irregular…. SHUT THE f**k UP)
    -I had to learn to have a filter on what I say (This is called maturity)
    -I have anxiety (No, you are gullible. It is programming left in you from when survival was a thing. Each human balances this in their own way. Saying its autism solves nothing.)
    -I don’t like looking people in the eye. (Neither do I, but its because I hate my species.)
    -In social situations, I struggle to read people. (This is not instinctive and based in knowledge of interaction. You literally have to practice.)
    -I have a very hard time expressing myself verbally. (This is an attained skill that one must practice)

    THESE AREN’T MEDICAL CONDITIONS, IT’S CALLED CONSCIOUSNESS. You’re an electrified sack of water interacting with billions of other sacks and NO TWO SACKS are the same. You are not pre-programmed with social skills. No human being is because society is not natural and we haven’t had time for evolution to catch up with technology.

    The money made from diagnosing people with autism is spectacular and I applaud the hard work from evil people who ruin childrens lives with unnecessary medication and therapy. Pharm knows no bounds. Yes, there are severe cases where mental illness requires chemical treatment. I am not talking about those circumstances. Just the poor unlucky people who get branded for life because a book says so.

    I am so lucky to have grown up right before the kickbacks started and marketing grabbed ahold of the keyword ‘autism’. Parents label their kid a social r*tard before the little sh*t even has a chance to learn how to interact with humans in their culture.

    TL:DR – I acknowledge that there are people who suffer from mental illness and chemical imbalances in the brain. I abhor what autism has become and the toxic atmosphere of political correctness surrounding it.

    1. guest1 says:

      ragingfaggotry – you are 100% wrong, clearly have no clue what you’re talking about. You sound like an individual who is filled with hatred and denial.

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