21-25 Things

I heard two girls talking on the bus to my class:

Girl one: Let’s go to Hawaii this summer!

Girl two: I wish… I don’t like to fly though

Girl one: It’s fine! I think the bridge is almost finished. We can just drive.

These girls were students at a university.

“Italy should sell the Eiffel Tower to help Greece’s debt”

 “The Earth is flat and the edges are covered in heavy layers of snow that no one can cross”.

 The spork is “the devil’s utensil” because it is the amalgamation of the masculine fork and the feminine spoon and is trying to blur gender lines in society.

I used to work at a call center for a wireless service provider. A woman called in inquiring about how much we charged to use her phone when she was traveling internationally. I said it depends on the country and asked where she was headed. As serious as can be she responds, “Wyoming.” I barely got to my mute button before I erupted in laughter.

26-30 Things

 “Do you like Bon Jovi?”

“No, I don’t eat Italian food.”

It didn’t happen to me firsthand but a friend from New Mexico was asked while in another state if they spoke English if they needed a passport to visit the US, and if the water is drinkable in New Mexico.

 I used to work in a kitchen, and one of the pot washers was cleaning a slicer and not exactly being careful. I told him the correct way to do it, so he didn’t chance to cut any of his fingers. With a straight face and complete seriousness he told me he didn’t care if he cut his finger off… It would just grow back. Like a starfish.

I was once told that drug dogs at airports etc.. were addicted to the drug they were looking for. So each airport has a heroin dog, cocaine dog and so on. This person was a university graduate.

 My then 16-year-old sister once said while cutting up an onion, “God, why do they put the paper on the onions so tight!?”

She actually thought the skin of an onion was some kind of wrapper.

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