31-35 Things

Knew a pathological liar in high school. Told everyone she was allergic to peanuts and forbade anyone to have peanuts even in the same room as her.

One day I saw her eating Reese’s cup and my friends and I said: “aren’t you deathly allergic to peanuts?” To which she replied “they use a different kind of peanuts in Reese’s that I’m not allergic to”

I had a friend who worked at GameStop. Once a woman returned The Sims 3 because “The game was broken. They only speak Spanish.”

My son was born on February 29th. – a woman asked me if he would need to have 5 actual birthdays before he could start kindergarten, or if he could still go when he was 5 years old.

 I was a guest at an old bed & breakfast inn.

When I first arrived, the innkeeper talked about the use of the “dumb waiter.” Another new arrival guest said, “Calling your servants dumb is disrespectful.”

“Evolution isn’t real, we just hatched out of eggs one day”

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