11. Bought a house last month. In the past month, I’ve been stupidly excited about getting a new: garden hose, lawn mower, hedge trimmer, and grill.

– Distance_Runner

12. A queen size bed and mattress…pure comfort just for me.

– ladylacy1017

13. My carpet was trashed in my apartment. The rental management hadn’t cleaned anything before I moved in, partially I assumed because I rushed the process. I called them to just let them know I was going to pay to have it cleaned. It was depressing me to no end. I could clean the whole house and it would still look dirty because the carpets were so stained.

They said, “We’ll just replace them.” I wasn’t even asking them to clean them, I was just telling them I was going to pay to have them cleaned and they stepped up.

Moved all my sh*t out so the flooring company could do their thing and got all my stuff back in and set up yesterday. I took my shoes and socks off and just walked around on my brand new carpet. I made carpet angels.

I never thought carpet could be life-changing but holy crap. My apartment looks completely different. Now I won’t be embarrassed to bring people over.

– DothrakAndRoll

14. My Roomba. God, I love that little guy.

– SuzQP

15. A smaller size of pants.

– Misanthrope_penguin

16. I was pleasantly impressed with myself that I had the guts to switch toothpaste brands a couple hours ago and I brushed my teeth as soon as I got home to try it out.

I’m 21.

– Gavin_but_text-based

17. Sprung a bit of money I didn’t actually have on therapy. Hoo boy, this is gonna get a lot worse before it gets better but I’m excited about it!

– praisethefallen

18. Not even bought, but my fiancee’s mother is selling her house and downsizing, so naturally, she is getting rid of a bunch of furniture. We took a corner table, a wine rack/side table, and a dresser and I am SO STOKED about them. Especially the dresser. We were using one of those Ikea box shelf things (the Kallax?) to store sweaters and things but we put all of that stuff into the dresser and then used the shelf as a bookshelf in our office. It looks so good now.

– Grundlestiltskin_

19. Getting a crock pot.

– InsideLake

20. Just spent $8k redoing the electrical in our house. Moved from a 60 amp breaker box to a 200 amp, installed outdoor outlets, new fixtures, and finally added a vent fan to our master bathroom (old house).

Kid me is probably playing dead on the floor of Home Depot. Adult me – the one with the Ohm’s Law tattoo is pretty stoked.

– a_horse_has_no_name

21. A bra that fits.

– Waltedmaltball

22. Haven’t bought one yet, but why am I so damn excited to purchase a Kitchen-Aid mixer? My wife and I will be at places like Walmart and Kohl’s for her to look for clothes….while I’ll be looking at the damn Artisan 325 watt tilt-head 5 quart Kitchen-Aid stand mixer with 5 attachments included and 3 more attachments that I want.

– Superbroom

23. The day you get excited about making a salad is the day in which your inner child is truly dead. “Carrots are two for one yea!”

– lorelei_fluss

24. I signed a lease for the first time at 27-years-old after struggling to survive for years with a drug addiction and mental health issues.

– ihopeforarevolution

25. God, nothing. When I was a child I was over the moon when a new can opener or dusting cloth showed up. All I’m doing now is living my childhood dream being able to not only get to choose but afford household accessories. My new shower tile scrub brush? AMAZING.

– awallpapergirl

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