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AskReaders: What is the most terrifying wikipedia page to read?

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  1. frazer says:

    What was the username of the unauthorized/ illegitimate wiki editor please?

    1. sOmeoNe says:

      Some things are best left unsaid, my friend.

      1. frazer says:

        I would be very interested to know. I have noticed that certain politically sensitive pages have been edited or redirected in what could possibly be described as a suspicious way…

  2. toddles9 says:

    Totally agree with number 21. The tortures and experiments done in Unit 731 by the Japanese is the stuff of nightmares. Utterly horrific. They made the Nazis look like choir boys.
    I wish I’d never read it.

  3. Robert Upton says:

    3. The suicide picture was used on a bootleg album

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