11. All the things the Amish do.

12. Monks and beer. As long as they can’t pork anyone, they’ll keep getting wasted.

13. Undertaker.

14. Daycare.

15. Therapist – Although that role was fulfilled by clergy 500 years ago.

There was some study done a few years ago that estimated what jobs were least likely to be replaced by automation, and therapy/social-work high on the list. That being said, as a mental health professional, I think that including some basic psycho-education (CBT and emotion regulation skills) to our public education system would significantly reduce the pressure on our mental health system. If changes like that became more incorporated into our society/culture, and AI gets better, it is likely therapists could be replaced.

16. Doctors and nurses. The treatments may change but even if medical treatment becomes entirely mechanized you still need someone to oversee the operation.

17. Barber.

18. Teacher.

19. There will always be a need for story tellers. Whether through visual art, musical expression, the written word, or through some form as of yet unknown, the world will always have a place for artists.

20. Architect.

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