We asked our regular contributors through e-mail, What made you change the way you make an omelette? We got many interesting responses. Here are some of them. We have just copied and pasted their responses, not editing them in any way.

1. Instead of making just an omelette I make it inside of a quesadilla.

– nickja32

2. Nowadays I just make scrambled eggs with meat and veggies mixed in. The containment isn’t important at least that’s what I tell myself to avoid the reality that I’m a complete and total failure of a man who can’t make an omelette.

– spanxxxy

3. Well, I was about ten, and I wanted a vanilla omelette (made with vanilla extract), to which I also added smarties, cheese, salt and a chopped leek. Not only was it badly burnt but the combination of ingredients tasted sort of like I’d managed to sh*t directly into my own mouth.

Later working in kitchens I learned what kind of ingredients are acceptable for savoury food.

– 11LaneyM

4. I used to pour the egg first, then add the various additions. When I went to college, I saw how they made omelettes in my dining hall. They put the bacon, sausage, et all in, then poured egg overtop of it. This caused the ingredients to be mixed into the egg, which made the whole omelette much more stable. That’s how I’ve made omelettes ever since. Changed my life.

– sovaros

5. I tried, unsuccessfully for years, to properly flip an omelette in the pan. When my cousin graduated from HS, they had an omelette bar at his graduation party. My aunt was a teacher and hired a few of her students to make the omelettes. My uncle (not my cousin’s dad), who was a chef at a very high-end catering company in Washington DC, showed the girls how to make them, instead of flipping them in the pan, they slid them off the side of the pan onto the plate, and used the pan to flip the 2nd half over the first half. Basically changed my life.

– 2PhatCC

6. I was in the midst of making an omelette when the phone rang. So I quickly turned off the burner, covered the pan, and answered the phone.

The phone call ended up taking far longer to deal with than I’d expected. Then when I got back to the kitchen, the omelette was perfect!

So now I make my omelettes with benign neglect. Put the ingredients in a hot pan, then turn off the burner, cover the pan, and wander a way to do something else. They come out perfect!

– jednorazowa

7. Previous:
Whisk eggs in a bowl.
Wait for the pan to heat up.
Pour oil into the pan.
Pour eggs into the pan.
“I’m having scrambled eggs for breakfast”

Whisk eggs in a bowl.
Wait for the pan to heat up.
Pour oil into the pan.
Pour eggs into the pan.
Using a pair of chopsticks, pull the set edges in and let egg mixture flow into the gap, creating a circle again.
When egg mixture is too little to be let flow into gaps, turn off heat and cover the pan with a lid. Let the eggs cook itself with the excess heat.
Be happy with how it turned out.
Try serving perfectly on the plate.
“I’ll have scrambled eggs for breakfast”

– JingzOoi

8. The real turning point was when I discovered that you can’t make them without breaking eggs.

– Spoonhorse

9. Growing up, I was inherently against omelettes. My parents would only make hard-fried eggs, and I assumed omelettes were inherently unnatural. That was until my freshmen year of college, where my roommate was an omelette, that I finally learned that these eggs are people just like me.

– KipsandDip

10. For me, it was making a joke about checking YouTube to see if I’m making my omelette right.

– runningman360

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