We asked our regular contributors through e-mail, What products are identical to a brand name, just with a different label? We got many interesting responses. Here are some of them. We have just copied and pasted their responses, not editing them in any way.

1. Bissell carpet soap and Walmart Great Value carpet cleaner.

– JBSConCarne

2. Butter. I worked in a dairy plant for a few months. In the butter room, we would load the wrappers and boxes for brand-name butter. Run that order. Change the wrappers and labels to a store brand. And run that order.

It is the exact same butter.

– SailingmanWork

3. I used to work for a large medical device company as a mechanical engineer. We had an agreement with an LCD monitor company: We would buy the monitor (normal desktop monitor) and snap an injected molded bezel over it with our company’s name screen-printed on it and sell it as ours. All we did was design and manufacture a bezel that could easily be taken off to see the true manufacturer’s name underneath and charged customers nearly ten times what we paid for the monitor.

– Bunkfoss

4. A buddy of mine owns a small nail polish company. We bottle it by hand from squeeze bottles. All the colors for almost every company come from one company in New Jersey. The most expensive part of it is the schmancy bottle it comes in. They sell for about $15+ a bottle at Sephora and cost under $2 to produce, maybe under $3 if you include the $15-$20 an hour I got paid to fill and package them.

– BrotherDBAD

5. (Almost) Anything Kirkland.

Costco doesn’t own any manufacturing plants. But it does have a ton of Kirkland brand products. Who makes these? The manufacturers that make the exact same products that are often sold next to the Kirkland brand items in Costco stores. In many cases, the generic Costco version is made by the same company and sometimes made to higher production standards because Costco buys in such massive quantities they can demand higher quality.

Not every Kirkland item is good or better than the name-brand.

– buttholesaplenty

6. Anything labeled as “Amazon Basic”.

– Chinstrap_1

7. Anything but Lego.

No one can say “Yeah but Megabloks are the same thing”

They aren’t.

– Corn-G

8. Hydro flask and Fifty/Fifty water bottles are the same. The couple got divorced and he kept HF while she started FF.

– plainwhitetyler

9. Kirkland vodka from Costco is B-stocks of Grey Goose.

– Choosecharmander

10. Walmart sugar is the same as dominos sugar. It’s literally this :

  1. Stop the production line
  2. Switch bags from dominos brand to Walmart brand
  3. Fill Walmart bags

– mattleo

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Last Update: February 8, 2018