11. Diamonds, besides the obvious genocidal reasons. There are literally stockpiles of diamonds to keep the price high.

– kaleb_roberts

12. Crack, because crack is wack.

– Traveling_Buddha

13. Microtransactions. If we stop paying for them they’ll go away. But people would rather waste their time and money.

– FlamingBaconCake

14. Soaps and body wash with microbeads. Horrible for the environment.

– MSRsnowshoes

15. Lunch, seriously, start packing at home. I wish I could tell you how much money I saved. I can eat lunch for $2 as opposed to going out and spending $10-$12 every day.


16. GPUs for cryptocurrency mining.

– JT817

17. Dogs from puppy mills.

– gwash721

18. Those fake “scientific” posts on Facebook and Twitter claiming X causes Y with a background of some mixing of two colored water.

– Dabawaba

19. Australians should stop buying extra warranty.

Statutory rights are not limited to a set time period. Instead, they apply for the amount of time that is reasonable to expect, given the cost and quality of the item. This means a consumer may be entitled to a remedy under their statutory rights after any manufacturer’s voluntary or extended warranty has expired.


– -O-u-O-

20. Cigarettes are expensive, bad for you, bad for others, smoking is not cool. There are other things to do to release stress and boredom.

– 2q2RS

21. Cocaine.

– LedZepOnWeed

22. Pseudoscientific cures such as homeopathy essential oils.

– DaveBeard

23. Name brand drugs. Generics with the same active ingredients can save a boatload of money.

– StopPokingMyOil

24. EA games.

– Tragicanomaly

25. Stop buying a new phone every year. Maybe if people stopped buying the new generation of iPhone as soon as it came out, phone makers would feel compelled to make important innovations in this kind of technology. Instead of the minimal improvements in camera, battery life, etc. Just feels like we’re kinda stagnant.


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