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11. Paul McCartney told his friend and frequent collaborator Michael Jackson how much money he made from the publishing rights to songs he owned. MJ started buying up all the songs he could. And then the Lennon/McCartney catalog came up for sale…

12. Excite refused to buy Google search engine for $750,000.

13. An elderly man throws away a Euro millions lottery ticket Loss in 2010: $181 million.

14. The movie camera was invented by the Lumiere brothers who originally made the camera to be sold to the elites (who could afford the technology) as a “toy”. To advertise their invention, they exhibited films such as “Workers Leaving the Factory” in local theaters.

Yet after they quickly realized the potential profit of showing films alone, they decided to stop selling their invention and solely focus on making more films to show in theaters so that they would have complete control over the film industry.

However, inventors around the world quickly developed their own film technology based off the brother’s invention and made their fortunes off selling their cameras to wannabe filmmakers.

Eventually the Lumiere brothers lost their influence in the film industry, yet they would have had an incredible fortune if they didn’t decide to keep their own invention to themselves. If anything their films only made the demand for film technology greater, which other inventors and patent owners such as Thomas Edison took advantage of.

15. The dudes who changed the itinerary of Archduke Ferdinand but forgot to tell the drivers.

16. Pickett’s Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg and the lesser known frontal assault at the Battle of Franklin by John Bell Hood.

Pickett’s Charge was the climatic assault at the Gettysburg when General Lee instructed General Longstreet to march exhausted Confederate soldiers across a 1/4 mile field under constant artillery fire to assault the center of the Union lines. By the time the Confederates reached the stone walls the Union troops were hiding behind, they’d lost something like 30% of the their strength. The few groups that made it through the wall were massacred. The entire 1862 class of Ole Miss formed a company known as the University Greys. All but one were casualties. The attack discredited Lee among his staff, with Longstreet leaving for Georgia, and seriously damaged the Army of Northern Virginia.

At Franklin, an even bigger frontal assault was planned by Confederate John Bell Hood. The Union artillery loaded “triple canister,” basically three times the normal load of 8mm steel balls, and fire into the attacking Confederates. Witnesses said that you would hear the cannons retort and then the shattering of thousands of Confederate bones as hundreds of men broke into pieces. One Confederate drummer boy, aged 12, tried to stop a Union cannon by shoving a fence post into it. He reached the cannon as it fired and disappeared in a pink mist.

Word to the wise: frontal assault don’t typically work

17. The Sack of Constantinople in 1204 by “crusaders”. With the ok of the Venetians the crusaders used the excuse of riots against Catholics in Constantinople to attack and loot the city including its churches. Numerous great works were destroyed including the library and a bronze statue of Hercules made by Alexander the Great’s court sculpture. Baldwin of Flanders was made emperor and the Byzantine empire was so weakened by it that it was later prey to the Ottomans.

18. Chiang Kai-shek, China’s leader during WWII pulling troops out of Nanking because surrender was assumed to be the better option after the fall of Shanghai. Expecting the Japanese would allow the civilians a peaceful escape, the Rape of Nanking ensued: one of the worst massacres in human history.

19. There have been at least a few armies destroy themselves because they thought the other half of their own force were the enemy. I’m sure all of those are up there.

20. Chеrnobyl was right up thеre on the prеtty big f*ck up list.

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