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11. More of the London Underground runs above ground than in tunnels.

– TheWierderOne

12. There once existed an alleged theoretical state of war that lasted 335 years and 19 days, and was between the Dutch and an archipelago off the coast of southwest England called the Isles of Scilly.

What’s more, there were no casualties (because the Dutch forgot that they were at war with the Isles).

It wasn’t until a Scilly historian contacted the Dutch about the “war” in 1985, and received the information that the “war” was still technically ongoing, that a peace treaty was signed in 1986.

– CarbonSpectre

13. Puppies sneeze at each other to let them know that they’re fighting for play, not for real.

– CaramelColon

14. After the Paraguayan War (1870) there were only 22,000 males left alive in the country. Almost 70% of its adult male population died, which left a female-to-male ratio of 4-1.

– Stepside79

15. A single piece of glitter is called a scintilla.

– Hokker3

16. Possums eat about 5,000 ticks in one season and help prevent the spread of Lyme disease.

– morningswithyou

17. Master card numbers start with 5, Visa cards start with 4, Discover cards (and store specialty cards) start with 6, Amex starts with 3.

– derickkcired

18. Lobsters have colorless blood.

– dot78879

19. More collect calls are made on fathers day than any other day.

– pounds

20. The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn.

– SkyGuardianOfTheSky

21. Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

– notebook329

22. A ‘jiffy’ is the amount of time it takes light to travel one centimeter in a vacuum.

– Manleather

23. There’s a poison ivy in Australia that’s called suicide ivy because its sting hurts so much that people often just put a bullet to their head to end the pain.

– jorsiem

24. The Bellagio Hotel in Vegas has more rooms than the actual population of Bellagio, Italy.

– Sunrise_Babe

25. Lollipop is the longest word in the English language that can be typed using just the right side of a keyboard.

– pounds

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