AskReaders: What’s the most mind-boggling paradox you’ve heard?

November 28, 2015
Comments (5)
  1. Jerry Smith says:

    My comment on number 12 is that the brain told us every thing thing we know about it, and that we know nothing without it. The brain is controlling us, it has enslaved the human race LOL

  2. Regular Joe says:

    The majority of those are the shittiest paradox ever

    1. Admin says:

      Yes, they are. But it is a community effort. If you got something interesting, you could share it with us.

  3. Jeff Vachon says:

    Let’s say the universe is infinite with an infinite number of planets. And let’s say you are going to live forever. You set off in a space ship to visit every planet in the universe. Since there is an infinite number of planets you will never visit them all. Yet you cannot point to any planet and say you will never visit that planet. And no matter how many planets you visit you will still have an infinite number yet to be visited.

  4. Darkside Philanthropist says:

    A Psychiatrist declares that you are crazy. You protest that you are not. The Psychiatrist replies that that is just what a crazy person would say.

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