We asked our regular contributors through e-mail, Whats your million dollar app idea that you never built? We got many interesting responses. Here are some of them. We have just copied and pasted their responses, not editing them in any way.

1. A version of google maps that actually shows the street names when you zoom in on them.

– garena_elder

2. Uber, but with boats. I call it scUber.

– ex_one_one_vee

3. A chrome extension that unsubscribes you automatically on emails after your purchase, create an account and do possibly anything on the internet with your email address. Apparently, it was already out there.

– clottedbutter

4. Candy Crush, with all the same gameplay, but instead call it Randy Rush to avoid copyright.

– donfelicedon2

5. An app that keeps track of your clothing. You either scan or search for your clothing and add it to your “Closet” it would suggest outfits and color combinations as it learns your style. Could also recommend clothing to purchase. Finally, if you add your entire wardrobe it would let you know if you haven’t worn a shirt or clothing in say a year so you can donate it or toss it.

– tytrim89

6. A social media platform that doesn’t give away your data to Cambridge analytics.

– Dial_H_For_Hornets

7. I need something that alerts me when other phones are getting close to my house. Like when my mom’s within 5 miles of my house, it chirps so that I have time to lock the doors, turn off the lights and televisions and pull the car into the garage and pretend I’m not home. It’d be great for scumbags looking to avoid landlords, teenagers to know when the parents are on the way home, cheating spouses, lazy guys who need to pretend like they’re doing chores, etc.

– Slummish

8. An app or website that you input your current height, weight, and goals (lose weight, gain weight, etc.) along with the foods you like and don’t like.

Then it gives you a detailed list of recipes that match your nutritional needs and goals along with shopping list and any relevant coupons available. You could do an entire month’s grocery shopping at one time.

– BobSacramanto

9. Apartment laundry room app.

Tells you if any washing machines and dryer are available and lets you reserve them. You’ll have 5 minutes from your reserved time to go and start using the machine before it is given up for use. The app would give you a unique code that lets you unlock/start the machine when you arrive so nobody can steal it before you arrive. Built-in timers on the app allow you to see how much time is left in the cycle and will give you a 5 or 10-minute warning that your cycle is about to end.

By using the app, you also abide by laundry room etiquette; that is, if you don’t empty your machine at the end of your cycle the next person is going to remove your items so they can start their laundry (you have a built-in timer so, barring an emergency, there really is no excuse).

For those without smartphones, you can sign into a website and use login details to look at your building’s laundry room.

For those without smartphones or computers, you can either call into an automated phone system or use a touchscreen panel in the laundry room.

– huntergreenhoodie

10. Puppy rental app. Want to play with a puppy without the full-time responsibility of owning a dog? Download the uber for puppies.

– originalhugsey

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Last Update: March 22, 2018