AskUs: Before Hitler and the Nazi’s, who was the go-to historical “worst person ever?”

February 11, 2016
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  1. Cam McGregor says:

    With your second sentence, you display ignorance. No one has ever successfully challenged the historical accuracy of the Bible. It refers to real people and real events.

    Bible critics questioned the existence of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea who handed Jesus over to be impaled. Evidence that Pilate was once ruler of Judea is etched on a stone discovered at the Mediterranean seaport city of Caesarea in 1961.

    Before 1993, there was no proof outside the Bible to support the historicity of David, the brave young shepherd who later became king of Israel. That year, however, archaeologists uncovered in northern Israel a basalt stone, dated to the ninth century B.C.E., that experts say bears the words “House of David” and “king of Israel.”

    Until recently, many scholars doubted the accuracy of the Bible’s account of the nation of Edom battling with Israel in the time of David. Edom, they argued, was a simple pastoral society at the time and did not become sufficiently organized or have the might to threaten Israel until much later. However, recent excavations indicate that “Edom was a complex society centuries earlier (than previously thought), as reflected in the Bible,” states an article in the journal Biblical Archaeology Review.

    There were many rulers on the world stage during the 16 centuries that the Bible was being written. When the Bible refers to a ruler, it always uses the proper title. For example, it correctly refers to Herod Antipas as “district ruler” and Gallio as “proconsul.” Ezra 5:6 refers to Tattenai, the governor of the Persian province “beyond the River,” the Euphrates River. A coin produced in the fourth century B.C.E. contains a similar description, identifying the Persian governor Mazaeus as ruler of the province “Beyond the River.”

    Accuracy in seemingly minor details is no small matter. If we can trust the Bible writers in even small details, should that not bolster our confidence in the other things they wrote? Please research a little more before you make such a sweeping statement next time. Religions have been set up and has been used as the basis for great evil, true, but it does not change the value of this great book.

    1. Finn says:

      Someone missed the whole point of the article…

      1. Cam McGregor says:

        Wrong! I quote from the article’s writer: “I apologize in advance if using Biblical figures does not count as ” historical.” ” Second paragraph, first line.

        1. Jack says:

          Real events??? Healing people??? God does not exist. In support of this I put forward childhood cancer. This is a facts site. Why would you be on here if you believe what is in the bible? It is all full of tish and pish.

          1. Emperor of Mankind says:

            Jack what are you talking about? God doesn’t work like that! Your like a gold fish trying to understand the President.

          2. Jonathan says:

            Wow we really get polar opposites in here…

            I’m going to go out on a limb and say the author was possibly referring to the “historical” acts of these biblical people. I’m sure these people did in fact exist, but the acts which they carried out may be fabrications. e.g Judas may have wandered around with a guy called Jesus but there is no concrete historical evidence to say he betrayed anyone for any amount of silver pieces, and thus being worthy of his traitorous title

            why can’t people just follow Deism instead of following a book/books,it would be so much easier to accept

          3. Ace says:

            How can you say that even though there are real world evidence that prove that what is written in the bible is real just like Cam McGregor said?

        2. Ken M says:

          That apology was not for you it looks like.

    2. Ronny Jacks says:

      Nice idea for the next article.

    3. Chester says:

      “No one has ever successfully challenged the historical accuracy of the Bible” Just as no one has ever successfully challenged my complete belief that I can fly. There was never a man who lived 600 year. There was never a flood that covered the tallest peak in 20 feet of water. I could go on and on and on and on. Those have been successfully challenged.

      1. Jack says:

        “There never was a flood…”
        Enough major civilizations share a Great Flood Narrative (Nordic tribes, the Maya, etc.) that modern psychology has had to try to explain the shared story away as evolutionary phobias

  2. Ace says:

    Reasons why Hannibal were not stated. They should be to better justify why he is on this list.

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