AskUs: Did Michael Jackson actually molest kids?

April 28, 2016
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  1. Mike says:

    Great article. I was never a MJ fan myself but I always understood his cultural impact. I never believed that he actually molested children, but as a young teen during the first accusations, I took delight in going along with the public perception and poking fun at him. As an adult looking back, I do feel guilty being a part of that public. I feel that he truly wanted to help children. I certainly do not think it was appropriate for an adult to share a bed with a child, as the article states, but I never believed that he did this out of some sexual deviancy.

  2. Criss` says:

    As a fairly long reader of the site, I’m unclear why this rant was posted on a facts page. In fact, there’s been a lot being posted that has been questionable. You can’t know whether Michael Jackson “actually” molested kids and it’s irresponsible to act like you can.The only thing you can do is backup the “actual” ruling. I’m done visiting this site as this is the dumbest garbage I could imagine on the front page. While you are at it, why don’t you grace us with your “facts” on the tooth fairy? Disappointing.

    1. Vince says:

      Yeah, it’s an outrage. Much like a major news network, they have a responsibility to report fair and balanced. You should probably ask for a refund.

      As to your 2nd part of your question, I can help.
      1. The Tooth Fairy only collects primary teeth.
      2. Flossing seems to increase the amount of $$
      3. Unlike some film portrayals, the Tooth Fairy is indeed a female fairy.
      4. The economy crash was also hard on the Tooth Fairy, and as such left less amounts of $$.
      5. The Tooth Fairy does not use pixie dust to fly, rather, powdered tooth paste.

      Hope that helps.

      1. J-Bo says:

        Now that’s funny.

        1. TheBoss says:

          I broke up with my ex girl here is here number sike that’s the wrong number!!!!

    2. nemoran says:

      Yes one can KNOW whether MJ molested anyone because one can know whether those who accused him
      were telling the truth or not and one can know what the kids who knew him over the years told about their experience.
      It’s fact that the vast majority of kids who knew MJ including those who slept in his room not only never accused him but have been absolutely adamant that there was nothing sexual MJ. Do you think they don’t know whether MJ molested them or not? Of course they do. And it’s not logical to think that all of them or even most of them would continually defend and praise their molesters.
      So that leaves us with the ones who accused him and it’s very much possible to decide whether their claims
      were valid or whether they were fictions invented by adults who had an undeniable financial agenda.
      Since Evan Chandler did demand 20 million from MJ in Aug 1993 and he admitted that and Janet Arvizo
      went tot he same lawyer who got the money for the Chandlers and Janet Arvizo had a history of falsely accusing others and exploiting others it’s not reasonable to assume that these parents were honest
      and didn’t want to profit from making such allegations.

      We can also know what his autopsy report stated and whether that makes what his accusers said even possible or not.
      And clearly what Chandler and Arvizo said was simply not possible.
      Chandler claimed that MJ was circumcised, he said that because that’s what his father theorized about MJ’s body. (a handwritten note writen by Evan Chandler was published in Victor Gutierrez’s book. On that note Chandler wrote Mike circumcised and My theory: a** bloched shares of brown so who is MJ’s p. — proving that Evan Chandler theorized about MJ’s body neither he nor his son knew how he really looked.)

      Jordan Chandler however also claimed in his interview with Dr. Gardner on Oct 6 1993 that he masturbated MJ about 10 times and saw him naked several times. Chandler is Jewish and knew very well what circumcision was. There is no way he would not have noticed that MJ was uncircumcised (as confirmed by his autospy report) . Especially since the Chandlers wrote in their book that Jordan saw MJ’s genitalia from “every possible angle” and had a “clear memory” of his junk. If that had been true Jordan should have known that MJ was not cirumcised. The fact that he did not know proves that his claims were bogus, he never mastrubated MJ and never saw him naked.

      Of course the very fact that Sneddon and Garcetti both refused to arrest and charge MJ after that strip search
      also proved that they didn’t get the evidence of MJ’s guilt they were looking for, and the photos and the description did not match, just like Reuters reported it in Jan 1994.

      So can we know whether Chandler or Arvizo told the truth when they claimed they were molested in the way
      they claimed they were molested?
      And since there is medical evidence that they lied what else do you need to see that MJ did not molest them?
      And if he didn’t molest them then why should you believe that he molested anyone? Who would that be?

  3. zenight says:

    It made no sense what the parents did, for example one the father whose kid was “molested” after finding out, when to Neverland, took a few pictures of the room where his kid had slept, then lawyered up.

    Call me old fashion, but if my kid had really being molested and I had access to the man who did it, murder would be my first, second and third instinct, not a photo up and lawyers.

    MJ greatest “crime” was to be a sad little man that never had a childhood and trying to create one for himself as an adult…

    1. TheBoss says:

      I broke up with my EX girl here’s her number sike that’s the wrong number!!!!

  4. nemoran says:

    You are right about the underlying issue MJ was never a pedophile and didn’t molest anyone.
    However there are a few details which you got wrong:

    1. Evan Chandler didn’t want money to make Men in tights he already sold his script for that long before he even knew MJ. Chandler just wanted most screenwriting deals because he wanted to be a full time screenwriter.
    MJ got tens of millions from Sony to make movies and Evan wanted a piece of that.

    2. There is actually no proof that Sodyum Amytal was used on Jordie, there is proof that he did get some kind
    of IV drug before Evan Chandler “went on the attack” and pressured him to confirm that MJ touched his penis. The entire interrogation was published in Chandler’s book All that Glitters and it reveals that Evan Chandler told Jordan he knew about the kissing, masturbation and oral sex, even though he never saw such a thing, he lied to Jordan. Later these were the exact same sex acts which Jordan would talk about, pretty much proving that he was coached. In his interview with Dr. Gardner on Oct 6 1993 he repeated his father’s ideas
    about Jackson, he showed no signs of trauma or disturbance he pretty much talked like someone who recite
    a story rather than a victim who lived through all that horror. At one point he even said that he didn’t know
    how the “molestation” could hurt him.

    3. Jackson was never close to the Arvizo family. That’s a misconception. He did let the family visit the ranch in 2000 when Arvizo had cancer but most of the time he wasn’t even there. Gavin Arvizo complained in court
    that Jackson actually tried to avoid him

    4. You are dead wrong about the whole bedsharing things. MJ NEVER allowed any kid to stay in his room
    and sleep in his bed without first asking the parents whether it was OK with them. And MJ never invited
    any kid to his bed, it was always the kids who wanted to stay with him. MJ just let it happen because
    he didn’t see anything wrong with it (thanks to him sharing beds and rooms with other when he was a kid, including with unrelated adults, and because frankly MJ was just not a sexual person).
    If you listen to the Bashir interview you can hear that Gavin Arvizo ASKED MJ whether he can sleep in his room. MJ didn’t want to stay alone with him so he asked an adult witness Frank Cascio to stay in the room.
    GAvin and Star slept on the bed and MJ and Frank slept on the floor. The mother not only allowed it it’s a sure
    thing that it was her idea to tell Gavin to ask MJ whether he can sleep there and it was all part of her plan
    to later accused MJ and sue him. She was asked in court why she talked to a lawyer about MJ in Jan 2000 when she didn’t even meet him at that time! She didn’t give a straight answer. It’s obvious that Janet Arvizo, who had a history of exploiting people and twice falsely accused others of sexual abuse, was plotting against MJ and then used his son’s cancer to get close to him.

    5. “most people recognize he was a pretty fu*ked person ”
    What people? Not those who actually knew him, except if they wanted something from him or sued him.
    But the people who knew him and didn’t want to harm him invariably said how humble, gentle, kindhearted
    and normal he was, far from being crazy or wacko, he was very shy, very soft spoken, caring, compassionate,
    and funny which is why the kids always wanted to be with him around the clock. Only the charicature created by more than 20 years of media slander was wacko, the man himself was not. Eccentric does not mean wacko expecially when many “normal” things “normal” people do are just plain nuts, like boxing, NASCAR, smoking or waving flags. It’s ironic when humans call other humans nuts for their habits or likes or dislikes.

    6. There was no former body guard who was previously arrested for armed robbery and no former bodyguard
    who claimed that MJ was molesting Culkin in the shower.
    There was a bodyguard named Chris Carter who testified to the grand jury in 2004 and then was arrested for armed robbery but his testimony had nothing to do with Culkin and he didn’t see any molestation and never claimed that he did.
    Two security guards, Ralph Cachon and Kassim Abdool claimed that they saw MJ molesting Jordan Chandler
    (previously Cachon said it was Brett Barnes but changed the boy in the story after eh realized that Brett Barnes won’t be willing to backstabb MJ with such a lie). Both of them lost a lawsuit against MJ and both of them were ordered to pay MJ’s legal fees which they didn’t, they filed for bankruptcy. Both of them admitted that they talked to Victor Gutierrez before they went to tabloids and sold those stories. Gutierrez is a convicted liar who invented countless disgusting stories about MJ and supplied them to anyone willing to accuse MJ including the Chandlers. The Jordan Chandler molestation story Abdool and Cachon told in court
    came from Gutierrez too.

    7. Regarding Culkin it was two former employees Estella and Phillip Lemarque who said they saw MJ molest
    Culkin in the arcade. They made up that story after the Chandler allegations opened the opportunity for anyone to make money with such claims. They told Paul Barresi a tabloid broker if the hand is outside the pants they want 100 000 if it’s inside they want 500 000. That alone pretty much says everything you need
    to know about their credibility.
    Culkin not only remained MJ’s friend to the very end and became the godfather of his kids, he attended MJ’s funeral and never said a bad word about him. He did testify in 2005 and told the truth called the allegations ridiculous. BTW it wasn’t just him who visited the ranch but his entire family, his brothers, sisters mother father too and as Kit Culkin wrote in his book MJ treated all of his children equally, never giving any special attention to Mac over the others.

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