AskUs: There were 6 million victims of the holocaust. That is a huge number.

December 24, 2015
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  1. justtroy says:

    A man, particularly Jeremy Harper, counted to one million out loud over the course of three months to set a Guinness world record.

    Mr. Harper sufficed this accomplishment using merely biology (eating food and breathing atmosphere) and psychology (withstanding ordered logic and endless publicity).

    The gross atrocities suffered by Hebrews and others alike cannot be compared to any other feat. By comparing the single challenge of one man counting haplessly from one to one million over the span of three months to the savage and counted extermination of groups of individuals means very little. Constant droning of sequential numbers determinately until finished could be hard to say the least. To finish off people with the expected outcome to be a superior race is unfathomable. Jeremy Harper would probably know better than most people today that one million is a VERY large number. Unfortunately, none of us know how much suffering happened to free all victims of the intolerable genocide during World War II. The incurred casualities are still languished by both axis and ally to this day. I cannot imagine how either of these events happened. Will I or you yourself count to one million, one number at a time? If you do, can you make it to two or three or four or 11 million just as fast? If you start now, counting from one to 1,000, would you continue to 2,000 or another thousand after that?

    How many people died during the holocaust?

    Too many. Too many for any reason.

    I hope you start counting out loud and continue counting until you run out of breath or become tired. Your effort will not be wasted because you will only begin to estimate how incomprehensibly one million is immediately.

  2. Emperor of Mankind says:

    What about the overlooked genocide against the chinese by the Japanese happening at the same time as the holocaust

    1. Des says:

      Yeah that always grinds my gears when people overlook this no less tragic incident. Dont get me wrong,the Holocaust was one of the most tragic events in history, but this incident too deserves equal amounts of recognitiona nd condemnation.

      1. Mouse says:

        One of? How about hands down the most tragic event in history because on a scale you can’t even think of. Let me break it down to you. Out of a population of 9 million Jews, 6 millions were killed. To put that in a scale you can understand better that’s roughly 67% of the ENTIRE JEWISH POPULATION IN EUROPE. To even break it down to even more shocking numbers the total Jewish population in 1939 in the world was 16,728,000 (average) and in 1945 after WW2 the world population of Jews was 11,000,000 (average). This is a 40% loss in the WORLD JEWISH POPULATION. People only overlook it because it’s not 1. A genocide 2. A state sponsored genocide and 3. The scale of losses of a country of hundreds of millions compare to the scale of the Jewish victims is extremely small. I understand the Japanese did horrible things, but lets be real the mass civilian deaths was because of massive Japanese bombings on cities along with soldiers conducing ‘spoils of war’ to promote morale boost. You can also try the ‘experiment on humans’ argument, but the Allies and the Soviets were just as guilty as the Japanese.

  3. Feanor says:

    The idea that the holocaust should only apply to Jews is disgusting and absurd. Not only were 6 million others slaughtered across Europe, but many more that don’t get included that were killed through starvation or slave labor by the occupation across eastern europe. This idea that the Jews are somehow special is absurd.

    1. Mouse says:

      Great logical fallacy implying someone stated something. What do people think of when they hear the word ‘Holocaust’ – the Jewish victims. In fact the terms, ‘Holocaust’ meaning ‘whole burnt’ in which to describe the mass burning of Jewish bodies in the extermination camps. The vast majority of the second largest group killed in concentration camps were Soviet POWs, but none of the groups suffered the amount of vast state wide extermination such as the Jews. Oh by the way, MOST historians agree that the Holocaust mostly revolves around the Jews. You can’t seems to understand the scale of the losses the Jews suffered and attempted this ‘holier than thou’ argument to try and sway your argument over. Please.

      1. Craig says:

        My Grandfather was in the US Army and was at the liberation of one of the camps. He told me that he would hate the German people because of that until the day he died. when he passed we where going through his stuff and he had a picture of him and a little boy sharing a c-ration, in his journal about a page later he wrote that it was so bad he no longer feared hell. Anyone that had to go through it should be included. to exclude someone based on them not being like one group is exactly the kind of thing that cause this atrocity in the first place

  4. adrian says:

    God, when you break it down like this it’s horrific that this happened only 75 years ago. The time and effort the Germans put into this shows the power one man had over an entire nation…..staggering. The amount of people who could still be alive today if this barbaric episode in mankind’s history hadn’t happened is heartbreaking. A pity the vast majority of leaders who carried this atrocity out escaped the hangman’s noose…..I doubt they would have last more than a few weeks in the concentration camps. People through no fault of their own, wiped out because of the ideology of one maniac and the toady yes men who were more than happy to follow orders.

  5. MMC says:

    THIS IS long past surrendered. Anyone paying attention knows teh 6 million number was made up, they don’t even try to defend it.

    The Ukrainian holodomor saw well over 10 million christians killed, by the Soviets who were mostly jewish at the top.

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