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12 Facts About Mount Carmel
May 5, 2021

Located in northern Israel, Mount Carmel has great significance as an archeological and religious site and an important ecosystem. The name “Carmel” is derived from the Hebrew word that means “freshly planted.” The following are 12 crazy facts about Mount…

13 Facts from the Wimbledon Championships
April 29, 2021

Wimbledon is a global tennis tournament that brings together the world’s most seasoned tennis players. Below are 13 interesting facts about this mega-tennis tournament.

13 Unique Facts About Mont Blanc
April 24, 2021

Many regard Mont Blanc as the birthplace of modern mountaineering, but it is also a popular destination for all outdoor enthusiasts. Travelers flock to the idyllic Mont Blanc to climb, cycle, ski, and view the majestic natural creation. The following are 13…

11 Facts About Wembley Stadium
April 17, 2021

Located in London, Wembley Stadium’s impressive size and capacity are unrivaled in all of the UK. It’s home to a range of sporting events and concerts, but only the greats have any hope of filling it. The ability to sell…

15 Interesting Facts About Mount Fuji
April 14, 2021

This Japanese icon and world-renowned snow-capped giant has a long history and a depth of character to match. If you’re looking to get to know Mount Fuji better, here are fifteen interesting facts to help you summit your curiosity.

10 Interesting Facts About Alfred Nobel
April 12, 2021

Everyone knows about the Nobel Peace Prize, but do you know where it originated? In 1895, Alfred Nobel indicated in his will that the Nobel Prize should be awarded “to those who, during the preceding year, have conferred the greatest benefit to…

12 Amusing Facts about the Normans
April 10, 2021

Much of today’s English landscape was shaped by the Normans. Normans were a group of people descended from the Gallo Romans, Indigenous Franks, and Norse Vikings. These barbarian pirates who ascribed to no religion originated from the Nordic lands of Norway,…

5 Facts About Pythagoras
April 8, 2021

In mathematics, The Pythagorean Theorem solves geometrical equations related to a right-angled triangle. The man who came up with the theorem during ancient Greek times was a mathematician named Pythagoras. While we learned The Pythagorean Theorem in school, we may…

10 Facts from Famous Battles
April 6, 2021

There’ve always been conflicts between individuals, kingdoms, and armed forces since ancient times. Battles fought across the globe differ based on their strategic importance, duration, and magnitude, but all have their story. Here are 10 facts from famous battles that…