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5 Famous Inventors and Their Pets
December 16, 2020

Inventors make hundreds of new innovations every year that help us with daily tasks, or greatly revolutionize the way our society works. Their hard work is always shined upon, but many forget that some have furry friends by their side.…

Creative Alternatives to Bird Seed
December 14, 2020

Just like in human beings, birds, too, thrive best on balanced nutrition to remain healthy and lively. Many a bird keeper has derived happiness from the sounds from wild birds by supplying them with their favorite food. Below is a list…

20 Strange Pet Names That Actually Exist
December 9, 2020

Different species have acquired strange but fascinating names. Some names will amaze you while others will humor you. Either way, these names do truly exist.

6 Amazing Facts About United Fruit Company
December 7, 2020

The United Fruit Company was a well-known American enterprise based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The company’s business was primarily centered on selling fruits, particularly bananas. It sold these fruits all over North America as well as far away locales in…

6 Facts About The Arctic Fox
December 6, 2020

The arctic fox is a well-known tundra region mammal that belongs to the canid (dog) family. Its unique physical traits help it endure the harshest conditions imaginable. And when we write harsh, we mean it! This remarkable creature can survive…

Beginner Fish Tank Recommendations
December 3, 2020

Over the years, fishkeeping enthusiasts have been searching for the products and solutions that add ease and beauty to their homes. Both experienced hobbyists and beginner fish keepers are on the hunt for great fish tanks. Technology has answered their…

8 Amazing Facts About Formula 1
December 1, 2020

Formula One, racing’s premier league, is a post-WWII sensation. It not only satisfies audiences need for speed but has given us the sleek, streamlined aesthetic of the world’s best race cars. With a long history behind it, Formula One has…

6 Mind-Blowing Facts About Microsoft
November 19, 2020

The joke goes that if only you had a garage, you’d be able to start a massive global corporation—kind of like how Paul Allen and Bill Gates did. Together, the two computer programming masters founded Microsoft, a leading software giant…

7 Facts About Tree Frogs You Never Knew
November 12, 2020

Tree frogs are some of the world’s most beautiful amphibians. With their abstract patterns, big eyes, and bright colors, what’s not to love? About 30 species of tree frog live in the continental U.S., while over 600 other kinds reside…