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The True Story of The Nokia “Brick” Design
July 16, 2022

Smartphones nowadays are all about that speedy performance, slim bezels, powerful cameras – and broken screens. Smartphones are so lightweight, thin, and compact; they practically crack when you sneeze. Gone are the days where you pick up your dropped phone…

Weird Facts About the Eternal Reef
July 7, 2022

Here are some facts about the Eternal Reef

Eastern State Hospital: Abandoned Turn of the Century Hospital in Oklahoma
May 27, 2022

For close to a century, many doctors termed Oklahomans mentally unstable, and professionals admitted mentally ill patients to the Eastern State Hospital in Vinita, Oklahoma. Even when mental illness was considered taboo, doctors deemed it best to build a mental…

English Maunsell Water Forts
May 12, 2022

English Maunsell Water Forts were created as defensive platforms located off the English coast during the Second World War. The United Kingdom used the Maunsell Water Forts to guard themselves against bombs. However, today, the forts are dilapidated structures that…

Varosha: Abandoned in the Turkish Invasion
May 10, 2022

In 1974, what was once an internationally celebrated vacation spot, transformed into an abandoned settlement in just a few days. Varosha, a beachfront resort in Famagusta, Cyprus, was home to roughly 40,000 inhabitants by the mid-1970s. It welcomed tourists from all over…

Crazy Facts About Popular Ancient Alien Theories
May 7, 2022

Flying Aliens Drew the Millennia Old Nasca Lines

6 Scary Facts about Self Driving Cars
May 5, 2022

Here are 6 Scary Facts about Self Driving Cars

TikTok Facts That Will Scare You
May 2, 2022

Social media “challenges” have swept through the internet over and over again. Many of them were innocent and helping a good cause. However, there is always a darker side. Planking: The “Planking” challenge asked users to plank or basically make their…

Brooklyn’s Abandoned Domino Sugar Factory
April 29, 2022

New York is known for the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Broadway shows, and Law and Order: SVU (dun, dun). But did you know that New York used to be home to one of the largest sugar producers? The Domino Sugar…

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