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8 Weird Facts About The History of Christmas
December 23, 2019

Who doesn’t love Christmas, the smell of winter, gifts, and love in the air? It is a wonderful season for sharing and most people’s favorite time of the year. The story of the birth of Jesus Christ is one of…

10 Amazing Things About SpaceX
December 18, 2019

SpaceX is now everywhere in the news and it is changing the space industry. Isn’t it interesting to know some amazing facts about it? 5..4..3..2…1 LIF-TOFF 1. SpaceX isn’t actually the company’s real name. The company’s full name is Space…

10 Strangest Interview Questions
December 16, 2019

Interview questions are meant to assess your ability to think fast on your feet, your creativity, your character, or your ability to solve problems. Common questions in interviews are “tell us a little bit more about yourself”, or “where do…

10 Facts About The Jurassic Park Trilogy
November 28, 2019

Jurassic Park. It is the most remarkable, award-winning, exciting and realistic dinosaur movie saga that exists in the cinematographic industry.

5 Most Obscure Rules of Soccer (Football)
November 24, 2019

We may think we know the rules of soccer inside out. Everyone knows what offside is, right? We also recognize the back-pass rule that prohibits the keeper from grabbing the ball by hand when it was received from a team-mate.…

Top 10 Evil Human Experiments
November 21, 2019

We don’t think about crazy human experiments or evil medical experiments that the world has witnessed. From Nazi experiments on “dead patients” to experiments conducted on prisoners for science, rules have been bent innumerable times. Here are the top 10…

4 Entrepreneurs That Are More Inspiring Than Elon Musk
November 20, 2019

Elon Musk is one of the most exciting and well-known entrepreneurs out there. At just 48 years old, he has overseen the creation of  PayPal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX, Hyperloop, SolarCity, The Boring Company, Neuralink, OpenAI and currently leads SpaceX and…

10 Largest Ancient Sharks to Roam the Oceans
November 16, 2019

The earliest purported ancestors of sharks date back to the late Ordovician Period (450 million years ago), whose fossils’ consist of only scales. Some paleontologists believe that the first sharks inhabited the earth during the Silurian Period (420 million years…

7 Highest Earning Tik Tok Creators
November 15, 2019

Many teenagers—who we may identify as Generation Z—found their idol celebrities, not through TV, but a huge and expanding micro-vlogging platform known as TikTok. Formerly known as a lip-syncing social media app called Musical.ly, TikTok has been continuously breeding new…