Here are 15 Interesting Black Friday facts.

1-5 Black Friday Facts

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1. Black Friday runs concurrent with Buy Nothing Day, an international protest against consumerism with more than 65 nations globally participating. – Source

2. When the Cards Against Humanity team kept all of the money they raised by selling nothing (literally) for 5 Dollars on Black Friday, they split the $71,145 and one employee bought a 24 karat gold vibrator for over $3,000. – Source

3. On Black Friday 2013, Cards Against Humanity had an “Anti-Sale” with increased prices, and still had a sales spike and maintained its best-selling status on Amazon. – Source

4. Black Friday is Plumbers’ busiest day of the year. – Source

5. A horde of Black Friday shoppers crushed a Walmart employee to death as they smashed through the front doors. Cops trying to perform CPR were also trampled on by the crowd hunting steep discounts. – Source

6-10 Black Friday Facts

6. The day after Thanksgiving isn’t referred to as Black Friday because of the profits are seen by retailers, but was originally coined by traffic cops in Philadelphia to describe the disastrous traffic conditions. – Source

7. American shoppers spent $59.1 billion on Black Friday sales in 2012, while 95 percent of Americans have $1.48 of debt for every $1 in earnings. – Source

8. Recreational Equipment Inc (REI) opted to not open on Black Friday in 2015 due to how out of hand the day has become, with workers getting paid for the day. – Source

9. Christmas lights can actually be seen from space and data suggests nighttime light levels are up to 50% brighter in major cities from Black Friday to New Year’s Day. – Source

10. Sometimes those Black Friday doorbusters are just clones with cheaper components. – Source

11-15 Black Friday Facts

11. The amount of shoppers on Black Friday has increased by over 61% since 2006. – Source

12. There is a Black Friday in Brazil, but they do not celebrate Thanksgiving. – Source

13. In Mexico, Black Friday is referred to as El Buen Fin which translates to the good weekend. – Source

14. Pepper spray proved to be the weapon of choice on Black Friday of fighting for the best deals on stocking stuffers. – Source

15. According to the Deloitte study, 47% of US consumers plan to buy online on Black Friday, down from 55% last year. – Source

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