Black magic refers to using supernatural powers for selfish and evil gains. It is one of the 7 forms of magic prohibited by canon law. Johannes Hartlieb, a medieval Bavaria physician, further expounded on this in 1456. Continue reading to learn more black magic facts and how they compare with other religions.

1. The Opposite of Black Magic Is White Magic

While black magic focuses on what most people consider harmful, white magic aims at showing acts of selflessness and activities generally regarded as positive. White magic practitioners have titles such as wise men/women and healers.

2. Saudi Arabia Has A Special Unit Tasked With Curbing Black Magic

The CPVPV is a special unit in Saudi Arabia tasked with dealing with black magic and witchcraft cases. Even though the country is strictly Muslim, the authorities acknowledge the presence of dark forces and their impact, hence the committee.

3. A Coconut Was Detained For Black Magic Suspicion

During an electoral process in 2013, police in Maldives “detained” a coconut for loitering near a polling station. The “suspect” was accused of vote rigging through black magic. Since the majority of the population in Maldives are Sunni Muslims, there was a continued belief that coconuts were tools for rituals and were often inscribed with spells.

4. Black Magic Entails Summoning Spirits

According to Robert M. Place’s book Magic and Alchemy, black magic’s origin traces back to the primitive ritualistic worship and summoning of spirits. It depends on ancient shamanist practices to draw the attention of spiritual beings and hope for favorable outcomes.

5. There Was A School in Romania That Taught Black Magic

The Scholomance was a school in Romania that taught black magic. Legend had it that the devil was the teacher and determined who did what after graduation. One of the top positions was the weather maker, where the candidate was responsible for dictating the weather.

6. Black Magic Was Considered Evil During the Renaissance

Most magical practices, including black magic, were considered evil during the Renaissance. The majority termed it irreligious, and its study was prohibited. In the 20th century, writer Montague Summers sought to do away with all manner of magical activities, regardless of intent.

7. A Goat Was Arrested In Nigeria for Suspected Black Magic Activities

Police in Nigeria were once forced to arrest a goat for suspected black magic practices. According to vigilantes, an armed robber had turned himself into a goat to escape the mob’s wrath. They reported the matter to the authorities, and the animal was arrested. It was a scapegoat.

8. Black Magic Is Different from Voodoo

Often are the times when black magic has been associated with voodoo, probably because they both involve cursing/hexing. Voodoo is a West African religion, even though it has spread to America and other parts of the world over time.

9. A Man Conned the Dubai Islamic Bank Using Black Magic

Foutanga Babani Sissoko is famous for conning the Dubai Islamic Bank using black magic. He started by borrowing a loan to buy a car, which the bank agreed. later on, Sissoko invited the bank’s manager for dinner, where he claimed that he was a magician and could help the financial institution double its money. In 3 years, the manager made about 183 money transfers to Sissoko’s accounts.

10. Papua New Guinea Has a Legal Definition for Sorcery

In Papua New Guinea, there is good magic and black magic. Good magic is legal for positive things like healing and fertility. On the other hand, black magic is illegal as it is responsible for unexplained deaths and other unwanted outcomes.

11. Black Magic Is Older Than Christianity

In Europe and some parts of America, black magic existed before most modern-day religions, including Christianity. Practitioners believed in powers greater than themselves and performed ritual prayers.

12. Some People Tried To Kill Adolf Hitler Using Black Magic

In early 1941, William Seabrook, a famous occultist, and some youths who considered themselves “a band of idealists” gathered at a cabin in the Maryland woods for a special event. Adolf Hitler, a German leader, had tormented the world by ordering the killings of millions of people. William Seabrook and his people had had enough and wanted to do away with the persecutor through black magic.

13. Dogs Were Used To Detect Black Magic

During the Salem witch trials, dogs were used to determine if individuals were victims of black magic. Suspects’ urines were used to bake cakes, which were later fed to dogs, and the animals’ behaviors were monitored.

If the dogs humped their legs, ate their poos, or sniffed each other’s butts, the person whose pee was used to bake the cake was a victim of black magic. Many people were killed.

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Last Update: October 2, 2023