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39 Interesting Facts About British Columbia

26-30 Interesting Facts About British Columbia

26. Just three months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the province of British Columbia evacuated 16,000 Japanese-Canadians from the area. Of these, 2000 were forced to work on sugar beet farms in the prairies. – Source

27. The Halkomelem language in British Columbia is near extinction. In 2000, it was estimated that the number of fluent Halkomelem speakers was less than one dozen. Most are middle-aged or older, and few are monolingual. To save the language, a Halkomelem iPhone app was released in 2011. – Source

28. The British Columbia Parliament Buildings were designed by a 25-year-old architect. His reign as British Columbia’s most exalted architect ended with a return to England in 1929, where his career collapsed in the shadow of marital scandal, financial ruin and, finally, death by murder. – Source

29. British Columbia officially called itself “The Best Place on Earth” until 2011. – Source

30. In 2016, Researchers at the University of British Columbia taught rats to gamble, complete with enticing lights and audio. – Source

31-35 Interesting Facts About British Columbia

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31. The government of British Columbia restored an old gold mining town and reopened it as a tourist attraction. Today, Barkerville appears as it did in its heyday and no residents remain; they were either bought out or moved to New Barkerville during the restoration. – Source

32. The University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia offers a physical education class called the Science of Batman. The course explores the limits of the human body and the kind of conditioning needed to perform the feats that the Caped Crusader is known for. – Source

33. The Okanagan Desert in British Columbia is apparently the “only desert” in Canada, but it is technically only semi-arid. However, it’s the closest to a desert you will get in Canada. – Source

34. The Explosion at a Nanaimo, BC (British Columbia), Canada Coal Mine in 1887 was the largest man-made explosion until The Halifax Explosion happened in 1917. – Source

35. There is a town in British Columbia called Houston and is home to the world’s largest fly-fishing rod. – Source

36-39 Interesting Facts About British Columbia

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36. The Guinness family owner of Guinness Brewery helped build the Lions Gate Bridge in British Columbia, Canada connecting the city of Vancouver to North and West Vancouver. – Source

37. The last time British Columbia had a minority government was more than 60 years ago but only lasted nine months. – Source

38. The Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation of British Columbia lives on an ancient tribal reserve known as Esowista, a name that translates from the Nuu-chah-nulth language as “Captured by clubbing the people who lived there to death.” – Source

39. Bathtub racing was invented in Nanaimo, British Columbia. – Source


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