Over the past few decades, technology has been changing societies across the world, and Canada is no exception. The realm of digital culture has been growing and becoming the norm with younger generations of Canadians. Various aspects of their lives have started and will remain digital as they were born into it. It was all possible due to the access to technology.

Access to Technology

Back in the day, having a PC was amazing. Any Canadian home that featured a computer was the most technologically advanced household. But then technology moved forward and better hardware came out which means computers got better and cheaper.

Owning a computer became affordable and practical as people could use them at work and for fun. Nowadays, a younger generation of Canadians has access to the best computers there are and therefore to the best types of entertainment.

It took a while for mobile phones to become smartphones and become available to the public. Today’s smartphones are quite advanced and pretty much anyone has access to them. In addition, everything is mobile-friendly and therefore easily accessible. That level of availability is an impact of mobile technology on the world of gaming. Canadians have ample access to the latest gadgets and devices, which is why the digital culture in the country is booming.

Gaming in a Digital Culture

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies in Canada. It’s also one of the staples of entertainment in digital culture. There are thousands of Canadians who enjoy playing video games in their free time. Most of them are into casual games that they play on their smartphones and tablets, while others are more into online titles such as PUBG and Fortnite.

Back in the day, most Canadian gamers enjoyed a variety of games via their PCs. This is still the case for some, as there are players looking for platformer titles such as racing games, shooting titles, and even casino games. There’s a solid casino fan base in Canada as there are several operators in the country.

Most of these operators offer amazing sites that cover a variety of interesting features. Games are the first items that come to mind, but these sites also offer fantastic bonuses and promotions. Some of them will even offer a bonus encyclopedia, as well as guides for playing certain titles. All of them will offer a secure digital platform and several payment options to all visitors.

When it comes to online gaming, young Canadian gamers are looking to become professional e-sports athletes as gaming has become an official sport. That’s why they spend most of their time playing video games. They are looking to make it to the top and etch their name in that part of digital culture.

Also, there’s a growing number of Canadian streamers that stream themselves playing video games. Platforms like Twitch aren’t going anywhere which is why there will be more Canadian streamers in the future.

Platform Entertainment

Digital culture in Canada wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for the rise of various platforms. Streaming and content-creating platforms like Twitch and YouTube are primary sources of entertainment in the Canadian digital culture. Canadian individuals can contribute to this aspect of culture by streaming themselves or making videos.

They can make videos on a variety of topics such as gaming, business, drawing, fitness, and more. Each individual can become a creator on their channel and even use it as an income source. There are additional platforms Canadians frequently use in this digital culture.

Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime dominate the entertainment sector of Canadian digital culture. These platforms stream all sorts of films and TV shows from various regions, as well as additional information. More importantly, each platform crafts its unique films and TV shows, dubbed as originals, that members can watch only on that platform.

Either way, they can pick up any show at any time and leave it, only to come back where they left off. Finally, these platforms employ Canadian film and crew members for the production of new TV shows and films, and by doing so they create new jobs in a digital world.

Social Media

Social media plays an important role in Canadian digital culture. It’s vital to the survival of many aspects of life. Even companies need active profiles on various media to further enhance the level of trust and engagement with their customers, present and future ones. More and more Canadians, are looking to become influencers and create and promote various trends online.

Becoming an influencer can be vital for an individual’s survival. They can create their own business or promote others via their accounts on social media. Aside from a monetary aspect, social media is crucial to interaction in a Canadian digital culture.

Most Canadians have at least one account on a medium and use it to talk to their friends, relatives, and family. They share funny stories, messages, images, and more. As the digital culture is going to become more common, social media will stick around and improve.

A Digital Economy

It’s no secret that Canada’s economy is one of the largest in the world. It’s also a part of digital culture. Most businesses and services are available online. Shopify is one of the prime Canadian companies that illustrates this example.

There are various services such as food delivery and lift services like Uber that have taken their spots in the Canadian economy. More importantly, services like these create flexible jobs that allow employees to pick their own working hours, and they offer competitive wages. The Canadian economy took a digital turn, a turn that has improved it as a whole.


Canada has gone digital as its culture is mostly online. Gamers enjoy most of their games online, most Canadians watch online TV shows and films, and a big part of the economy is digital too. As things are going, Canada will have a digital culture for many years.

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Last Update: October 10, 2023