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40 Interesting Facts About Casinos

26-30 Casino Facts

26. Monaco eliminated income tax in 1869 because the revenue of the casino was sufficient to sustain the principality’s government. – Source

27. Thieves scammed Melbourne’s Crown Casino out of $33 million by hacking into the casino’s security system. – Source

28. The annual revenue from all Indian gaming exceeds $31 billion and represents 43% of all casino gaming revenue in the U.S. – Source

29. Casino Royale was originally called “You Asked For It” when it was first released in the USA. Bond’s name was changed to “Jimmy Bond.” – Source

30.  Italy opened a casino during WWI to get information from foreign diplomats while they relaxed. Today the Casino di Campione is one of Europe’s largest; its revenue makes the local area a tax-free zone. – Source

31-35 Casino Facts

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31. In 1977, a Las Vegas casino magnate once bet Stu Ungar (future three-time World Series of Poker main event champion) $100,000 that he could not count down a six-deck blackjack shoe and correctly guess the last card. Ungar won the bet. – Source

32. The still-operating Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas once had a phone number of “1”. – Source

33. There is a section of the Berlin Wall in the men’s bathroom of the Main Street Station casino in Las Vegas. – Source

34. Harrah’s Casino has a policy requiring all female employees wear make-up and nail polish and have their hair “curled, teased, or styled” at all times. Courts have upheld their right to fire non-complaint women as these things are “ordinary good-grooming standards” for women. – Source

35. Las Vegas Resort is using microwaves to keep guns out of its casinos. – Source

36-40 Casino Facts

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36. Casino Helsinki is one of the few casinos in the world, and the second in Finland which donates all of its profits to charity. – Source

37. The casino resort Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is named after the Mandalay region of Myanmar (Burma); a land-locked region without any bays. – Source

38. During construction of the Great Ocean Road by Australian war vets, the steamboat Casino hit a reef and was stranded near Cape Patton, forcing it to jettison 500 barrels of beer and 120 cases of spirits. The workers obtained the cargo, resulting in an unscheduled two-week-long drinking break. – Source

39. A Hong Kong gangster made more than $250 million in kidnapping ransoms but lost most of it gambling in a Macau casino. When he was finally caught, it was discovered he was planning to kidnap the owner of the casino. – Source

40. During WWII, the casino in the basement of the London Ritz Hotel became known as the nightclub La Popote. The interior of the club was made to simulate a combat dugout complete with sandbags. – Source


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  • Just FYI, #25 used to be true but no longer is. In Texas there are now an abundance of poker rooms. They found a way to skirt just inside the law by charging people for a seat and letting the people do as they wish which in this case is a public Texas hold’em poker game. Different tables have varying blinds for small bets and huge bets.


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