26-30 Chess Facts

26. Chess has been used as psychotherapy help for social problems such as ADD/ADHD, alcohol and drug abuse, Asperger’s, Autism, schizophrenia, along with helping prison inmates. – Source

27. Chess is a sport recognized by the IOC and therefore players are subject to Drug Testing. – Source

28. You can lose a Professional game of Chess if your mobile phone rings during play. – Source

29. Chess Masters and Grand Masters often supplement their incomes by teaching via Skype. – Source

30. A 2007 study discovered a negative correlation between IQ and chess skill in strong players. – Source

31-35 Chess Facts

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31. Mailing chess moves through the postal system was once common. – Source

32. The worst result in a simultaneous chess exhibition was 2 wins and 18 losses by Joe Hayden. He wanted to set a record by playing 180 people simultaneously but only 20 showed up to play. His 2 wins were scored against his mother and a player who got tired of waiting and left in mid-game. – Source

33. “Romantic Chess” used to be the prevalent style of chess prior to the 20th century; it focused more on artistic expression rather than technical mastery or long-term planning. – Source

34. The folding chess board was invented by a priest because the clergy forbade chess. The board was designed to fold and look like two books. – Source

35. A university researcher created an algorithm that in just 72 hours taught itself to go from 0 to win an international chess tournament. – Source

36-40 Chess Facts

36. In standard tournament chess, white has a significant advantage, winning 53.4% of games recorded from 1851 and 1932. Other estimates have white’s win rate as high as 55.47%. – Source

37. The most expensive chess set in the world is valued at over 9.8 million dollars. One king piece alone weighs 165.2 grams of 18-carat yellow gold and has a spiraling mid-section graced by 73 rubies and 146 diamonds. – Source

38. There is a chess opening known as Reagan’s Attack, named for Ronald Reagan because it is “thoroughly unmotivated and creates weaknesses with only vague promises of future potential.” – Source

39. In Chess’s global rating system (FIDE), women require lower ratings for their titles. – Source

40. There is a 4 player version of chess, called “Chaturaji” which was played in ancient India. – Source

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