40 Facts About Cocaine

May 9, 2017
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  1. Bob says:

    #33 is disingenuous.

    Cato is a self proclaimed Libertarian think tank. Not Conservative. And while both the Libertarian and Conservative ideologies fall on the Right side of the Right/Left political divide, they are **not** the same. At all.

    Concerning drugs, a Libertarian institution would resoundly hail making all drugs legal, as it follows the self determination mindset of Libertarian beliefs. A Conservative institution would unlikely follow suit concerning drug legality.

    1. Bob, just stop...pls says:

      What a waste of time to type out that pointless drivel. The funny thing is that your definition of those words is your opinion because the words are meaningless. They have been spun so many different ways that you can actually now spot the dumbest people in a group by how often they use political designations. POINTLESS.

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