Here are 40 Interesting Colorado facts.

1-5 Colorado Facts

1. The University of Colorado named their cafeteria grill after an infamous confessed cannibal, Alferd G. Packer, with the slogan being “Have a friend for lunch!”. – Source

2. Denver Bronco’s quarterback Peyton Manning bought 21 Papa Johns franchises in Colorado before marijuana was legalized. He credits the law change with his now booming business. – Source

3. Mile marker 420 was removed by officials in Colorado and replaced with a 419.99 sign because the 420 was stolen so often. – Source

4.  There are more marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado than McDonald’s & Starbucks combined. – Source

5. In 2014, the Colorado River reached the sea for the first time in 16 years. – Source

6-10 Colorado Facts

6. Mt. Massive and Mt. Elbert in Colorado are so close to each other in height that their supporters started competing with each other, with Mt. Massive supporters piling stones on the summit to increase its height, and Mt. Elbert supporters climbing the mountain to knock them back down. – Source

7. A Colorado judge sentences violators brought to court for blasting loud music to an hour of listening to Barry Manilow at high volume. – Source

8. An Institute in Colorado created a clock so accurate it won’t lose/gain a second in 20 million years. This is the clock used for internet time! – Source

9. As recently as 2012, the black death was reported in Colorado. – Source

10. In 2006, a man armored a bulldozer with steel plates and concrete (making a tank), and destroyed half of Granby, Colorado. – Source

11-15 Colorado Facts

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11. Denver, Colorado is the only city to be awarded the Olympic Games to reject them. – Source

12. Colorado has more ghost towns than active municipalities. – Source

13. There’s a National Eagle Repository in Colorado, where bald and golden eagles found dead are sent, and then have their parts redistributed to Native American tribes for ceremonial purposes. – Source

14. Colorado has 697 sides and is really not a rectangle. – Source

15. The Colorado state slogan is “Enter a Higher State”. – Source

16-20 Colorado Facts

16. The resort town of Aspen, Colorado, became the first city in the U.S. to restrict smoking in restaurants in 1985. – Source

17. Deer Trail, Colorado tried to pass an ordinance where people can buy drone hunting license that will allow a person to shoot down a drone that is flying over their property. – Source

18. In 1975, a county clerk in Boulder, Colorado, issued the nation’s first 6 marriage certificates to same-sex couples because it wasn’t specifically prohibited by the state’s marriage law and also because she knew “it was the right thing to do”. – Source

19. Last known grizzly bear in Colorado died when she attacked a bow hunter named Ed Wiseman. Wiseman played dead at first but decided to fight back when the bear did not stop mauling him. He picked up a loose arrow and stabbed the bear in her jugular. – Source

20. There’s only one Supermax prison in the U.S., it’s in Colorado and has around 420 inmates. Former warden says death is better than life in a Supermax, complete isolation leads to nervous breakdowns and hallucinations for inmates. It implements the highest security standards and no one has ever escaped. – Source

21-25 Colorado Facts

21. Chicken wings, pizzas, and many other foods are legally sandwiches in Colorado. – Source

22. In Denver, Colorado there is a bank called Young Americans Bank that lends money only to people under the age of 22. – Source

23. There’s a town in Colorado where there is a law that every head of the household must own a gun and there are no stop lights. – Source

24. There’s a small town called Dinosaur, Colorado. Some of its street names include Brontosaurus Blvd, Brontosaurus Bypass, Stegosaurus Freeway, and Tyrannosaurus Trail. – Source

25. Someone dumped a few pet goldfish into a Colorado lake, and now there are 4,000 ruining the ecosystem. – Source

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